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The Harbinger Decoded

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The Harbinger Decoded


Film Description:

A fast-paced visual narrative of the “story behind the story” of Jonathan Cahn’s best-selling fiction thriller! Told in three successive “acts,” this fascinating documentary features background material on the nine prophetic signs and interviews with top Christian leaders—and reveals how “harbingers” rooted in ancient Israel continue today with the completion of the Freedom Tower and the 2012 election.

Go deeper into the meaning and messages of The Harbinger with this DVD that includes background material on the nine prophetic signs, interviews with top Christian leaders, and the “story behind the story” of the New York Times best seller.

Release Date: (DVD) October 15, 2013

Check out the Prequel – “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment

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  1. Carole says
    02 November 13, 7:10pm

    I just tried to watch and learn from a film on TV called The Harbinger Decoded. I was and am very interestead in what Jonathan Cahn had to say, however I could not hear his voice clearly over the extremely loud background music. I understand that a little of that music would add to the excitement of what is being said, but this music was so loud the message was lost. I believe the editor dropped the ball on this one. If this is ever re-made with the music low enough for the words to be heard, I would love to know about it so I can see and hear this important message.

  2. CFDb says
    03 November 13, 8:22am

    Thanks for the info, this might be helpful to others buying this film. I have not seen this one yet, but the 1st one was really good.

  3. Whatt says
    07 November 13, 4:40pm

    Film description: FICTION?????!!!!!!

    And… Yes, the music is OTT and obscures a very important message.

  4. godchaser says
    13 December 13, 3:09pm

    Absolutely brilliant presentation by Jonathan Cahn based and consistently reinforced by scripture. The film description indicating “Fiction” is inaccurate and insulting, don’t let it dissuade you from watching this very important message. Honestly it blew me away..

  5. Annelie says
    13 December 13, 4:23pm

    We can’t wait to see this one – LOVED the first one –


  6. Dennis Wenger says
    08 January 14, 11:50pm

    The Harbinger book was written as fiction, from a narrative mystery style, based upon facts that took place. This doesn’t take away from the facts, which cannot be denied. I’ve heard there is a new term of “Faction”, which covers a lot of territory.
    The book is amazing and enlightening, Wake up, people!!!

  7. 04 November 14, 2:09pm

    I have seeing people complaining about the loud background music effect on this video/movie, if you have purchase the dvd you can tweak your tv sound so is not so loud, but you can also watch it on you tube, with outdo much background noise.

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