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The Heart of Texas

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Film Synopsis:

When tragedy pierces the heart of a small community on the quiet Texas plains, its townspeople witness what can happen when grace and forgiveness triumph over anguish and outrage.

Against the clamorous traffic of our crowded lives, a story of such tender mercy can seem more of a work of fiction or a wishful tale…yet every moment of this unbelievable story is true.

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  1. Mark B says
    07 November 12, 6:06pm

    This documentary is unbelievably moving. I watched it with my whole family (it is very much family approved), and my wife and I both had tears by the end of the film. This true story of forgiveness portrays the love of the Lord shining through Grover Norwood. It is definitely a must see for any person!

  2. Yvonne says
    06 March 14, 9:19pm

    Keep plenty of tissue on hand….

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