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The Husband Chair

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Film Synopsis:

A week before he proposes Justin gets dragged to a shoe sale by his girlfriend Rachel where he has nothing to do but sit in “The Husband Chair”. Rachel, a cautious girl with a love for historic buildings and fairy tales, is blissfully unaware of Justin’s plans while shopping the close out sale in Ma & Pa’s old shoe store. Justin is an innovative, tech savvy, environmentalist who learns from married men at the shoe sale what it takes to be a good husband.

Rachel reveals that in her view a truly romantic proposal would have to take place in a romantic setting such as the old shoe store. Justin learns from Olivia (an attractive movie actress) that the store will close in two days and the building will be gutted to make way for a condo tower so he begins trying to move all his arrangements one week forward. His greatest difficulty is having the engagement ring ready in time but Olivia quietly offers to help him with her connections in the industry. While Rachel doesn’t know what they are talking about she dislikes Justin’s attention to Olivia and grows closer to Ma & Pa as she distances herself from Justin. Rachel asks Pa for advice in one of her purchases instead of Justin and then happily dances with Pa in her newest pair of shoes.

Pa has a heart attack the next morning brought on by the stress of two shoppers fighting over a pair of shoes. Justin and Olivia give Pa first aid and when the ambulance arrives Ma closes the store and rides in the ambulance to the hospital. Moments later Marie, the daughter that Ma & Pa disowned for living with her boyfriend, arrives at the store with the man who is now her fiancé. Late that night Rachel is visiting with the family in Pa’s room at the hospital while Justin steals away to meet Olivia in the waiting area with the ring. When Rachel sees them both with the ring she jumps to the wrong conclusion and breaks up with Justin after a barely restrained fight.

Now after Justin has once again arranged everything perfectly he loses the most important thing: Rachel. Will they get back together? Will Pa recover? Will the store manage to sell off its entire inventory?


  • Bruce Novakowski – Justin Newhart
  • Ilze Burger – Rachel Wallace
  • Doralynn Mui – Olivia Walker
  • Gary Temlett – Pa
  • Lorna Temlett – Ma
  • Pascal Belanger – Len Derksen
  • Flora Karas – Olive Derksen
  • Rebecca Strom – Waitress
  • Brie Dunn – Marie
  • Steve Masoud – Steve
  • Shirley Millett – Customer #1
  • Ron Bourassa – Ambulance Attendant #1
  • Fraser MacWilliams – Ambulance Attendant #2
  • Wes Armstrong – Wes
  • Ewan Nuttall – Jack
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Contact Person: Fred Swindells
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  1. AnnoyingMoose says
    30 November 11, 5:01pm

    “The Husband Chair” has completed post production and is currently entering film festivals!

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