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The Imposter

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CFDb Review!

A MUST SEE film! This movie really makes you think about your own Christian walk. Are you an imposter?

Film Synopsis:

Christian rock’s hottest band, Grand design is heading to the top! Unfortunately, lead singer Johnny C (Kevin Max of dcTalk) is heading straight down. His wife and band mates find out that after singing about Jesus at concerts, he’s living for himself off the stage. Losing his family and fame sends him on a spiral down.

Stripped of all the accessories of playing the star, Johnny C begins a journey back home to find out if his shattered marriage can be brought back together. He’s coached by his mentor Proff (played by Kerry Livgren of the band Kansas) and a crazy homeless man (Tom Wright of World Trade Center, Barbershop), but will it be enough and in time to turn his life around?

  • Kevin Max … Johnny C
  • Kerry Livgren … Proff
  • Jeff Deyo … James
  • Tom Wright … Popeye
  • Arianne Martin … Tara
  • Troy Baker … Jerome
  • Meredith Mauldin … Sydney
  • Chris Burnett … Frank
  • Jackson Doyle … Chad
  • Mike Harville … Bear
  • Gregg Hedtke … Brian
  • Bradly Prakope … Phil
  • Annette Algoso … Concert Fan
  • Paul Braoudakis … Water Man
  • Dillon Burroughs … Manager
  • Nancy Chartier … Host
  • Duane Deering … Pizza Guy
  • Christopher Dimock … Thug
  • Rob Hazlewood … Security Guard
  • Seth Kozak … Man Driving Truck
  • Steve Krieger … Mule
  • Nicole Leigh … Tresa
  • Erin Michelle … Elizabeth
  • Tracie Morgan … Hot Barmaid
  • Emma Nicolas … Emma
  • Hannah Nicolas … Katelyn
  • Mike Riggins … Billy
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Contact Person:
Phone: 480-991-2258
Fax: 480-473-9811
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The Imposter, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. matthews says
    25 January 12, 5:09pm

    Hi, thank God that you are there to promote the growth of God’s ministry. please I want your outfit to send me movies on salvation, success in life, and how to over come sickness with your faith.
    I hope you will help me to grow in faith

  2. Annelie says
    25 January 12, 5:30pm

    Thank you so much for your words of kindness. If you check the “browse categories” at the top of the page you can see what particular Christian films fit into those categories that you might be interested in. Each movie will have a “Buy Now” link underneath the movie trailer so you can see where you can purchase them.
    A majority of the films are being sold on Amazon so if you click on the Amazon link at the top of the page you can type in the movies you are interested in and see if Amazon is carrying all of them you are looking for. We specialize in listing the films and giving the details to the consumer as to where to buy them.


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