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The Keys of The Kingdom

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Film Synopsis:

Father Francis Chisholm (Peck) is an aging cleric who is about to be forced into retirement. Though he has apparently accomplished little during his career flashbacks reveal his enormous impact on those who knew him.

As a young man Chisholm accepts the daunting challenge of running a mission in rural China. Indeed when he arrives he finds he has no church and no congregation. But over the years his honesty generosity and courage win the villagers’ respect and slowly his mission prospers.

It is the inspiring moving story of one man’s effort to serve God without any thought of personal gain or earthly reward.

  • Gregory Peck ~~~ Father Francis Chisholm
  • Thomas Mitchell ~~~ Willie Tulloch
  • Vincent Price ~~~ Angus Mealey
  • Rose Stradner ~~~ Reverend Mother Maria-Veronica
  • Roddy McDowall ~~~ Francis Chisholm, as a boy
  • Edmund Gwenn ~~~ Father Hamish MacNabb
  • Cedric Hardwicke ~~~ Monsignor at Tweedside
  • Peggy Ann Garner ~~~ Nora, as a girl
  • Jane Ball ~~~ Nora, as an adult
  • James Gleason ~~~ Rev. Dr. Wilbur Fiske
  • Anne Revere ~~~ Agnes Fiske
  • Ruth Nelson ~~~ Mrs. Chisholm, Francis’ mother
  • Benson Fong ~~~ Joseph
  • Leonard Strong ~~~ Mr. Chia
  • Philip Ahn ~~~ Mr. Pao, envoy for Mr. Chia
  • Arthur Shields ~~~ Father Fitzgerald, Dean at Holywell
  • Edith Barrett ~~~ Aunt Polly
  • Sara Allgood ~~~ Sister Martha
  • Richard Loo ~~~ Lt. Shon
  • Ruth Ford ~~~ Sister Clotilde
  • Kevin O’Shea ~~~ Father Craig
  • H.T. Tsiang ~~~ Hosannah Wong
  • Si-Lan Chen ~~~ Philomena Wang
  • Eunice Soo-Hoo ~~~ Anna
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