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The Lamb to Life

Sneak Preview
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The Lamb to Life

Film Description:

The Lamb to Life – Living at the time of Christ a young Jewish family has to deal with the tragic loss of their eldest son. After the death of his 13-year old brother young Joel becomes an orphan in his own house when his father renounces God and abandons his family. Parallel to the lives of the family, the story of Jesus Christ unfolds and eventually intersects with theirs at the cross resulting in a moving reconciliation.

The LAMB is a simple parable that reveals God’s heart for people in a powerful way that reaches the deepest part of the human soul.

(Premiere In Israel During Yom Kippur 2016)

Release Date: (DVD) April 1, 2018

The Lamb to Life - Christian Movie/Film Regardt van den Bergh - Image

The Lamb to Life - Christian Movie/Film Regardt van den Bergh - Image 2

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Email: Contact Address: 241 Palos Vredes Dr West, Suite 110, Palos Vredes Estate, CA 90274, USA

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