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The Lamp

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CFDb Interview!

CFDb Interviews Anita Cordell.

Film Synopsis:

Suffering from the loss of his only child, Stanley has secluded himself to a dark and lonely place. Sullen and without hope, he continues to hide from and neglect those he loves despite their attempts to reach out to him.

In what seems to be the final days of their already strained marriage, his wife Lisa is presented with a strange gift; an old oil lamp from a far off land. Along with the lamp comes a mysterious messenger and a question that causes them to search the depths of their hearts for what’s truly important in life.

If you could have anything you wanted, what would YOU wish for?

*This film is not really “Christian”, but based on a Christian Book.

  • Meredith Salenger ~~~ Lisa Walters
  • L. Scott Caldwell ~~~ Miss Esther
  • Cameron Ten Napel ~~~ Josh
  • Muse Watson ~~~ Sam
  • Sarah Brown ~~~ Deb
  • Doug Bauer ~~~ Mr. Singleton
  • Katie Burgess ~~~ Rachel
  • Darrell Alan Cole ~~~ Cody
  • Georgia Cole ~~~ Alex
  • Anita Cordell ~~~ Mrs. Singleton
  • Jason London ~~~ Stanley
  • Ben Lux ~~~ Ronny Martin
  • Greyson Moore ~~~ Eddy Walters
  • Bo Morris ~~~ Umpire
  • Jim Stovall ~~~ Limo Driver
  • Gail Washington ~~~ Bernice
  • Reed Williams ~~~ Austin
Name/Company: Trost Moving Pictures
Contact Person:
Phone: 918-492-7820 Ext 308
Website: Film/Company Website
Email: Email Contact
The Lamp, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. jenny jones says
    05 February 12, 6:15pm

    I absolutely loved this film! Inspiring! Spirit renewing!!! I want to know who did the music and would love to have the music.

  2. Annelie says
    05 February 12, 6:42pm

    Jason Moore was the composer. We couldn’t locate a soundtrack for this film.
    Here is Jason’s resume with his contact information if you want to find
    out more:


  3. maureen says
    24 April 12, 4:45pm

    enjoyed this film,would like to see more like this on sky,good clean family film.

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