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The Last Chance Detectives #2: Legend of the Desert Bigfoot

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Film Synopsis:

Kids learn about the biblical principle of integrity and the importance of doing what’s right, even when it’s tough.

Case #2 The Last Chance Detectives

It travels only at night. It stands three feet taller than the average human. It wields incredible strength. It’s been called Sasquatch, Yeti, Orange Eyes, Mud Monster … Bigfoot … and the people of Ambrosia believe it is only a legend.

Until now.

Legend of the Desert Bigfoot explodes onto the screen, plunging Mike, Ben, Winnie, And Spence into a mystery they could never have imagined.

Long, coarse strands of animal hair the vet can’t idnetify… old Silas’s wild story … metal doors ripped apart by powerful claws … terrorized campers … and in the middle of it all, a dog named Jake, who captures a place in Mike’s heart.

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Entire Collection

Last Chance Detectives Logo

Last Chance Detectives Screenshot

  • Raymond Guth … Silas Varner
  • Ryan Calhoun … Mike
  • James T. Callahan … Pop Fowler (as James Callahan)
  • Alan Johnson … Dan Plummer
  • David Netter … Spence
  • Davin Jacob Carey … Ben (as Davin Carey)
  • Crystle Lightning … Winnie
  • Brian Frejo … Doc Mangas
  • Donnie Jeffcoat … Sam
  • Kevin Kraft … Alex
  • Sherry Hursey … Gail Fowler
  • Peg Stewart … Kate Fowler
  • Steve Kanaly … Sheriff Smitty
  • Jody St. Michael … Gorilla Performer
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The Last Chance Detectives #2: Legend of the Desert Bigfoot, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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