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The Last Disciples: The Series

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Welcome to 21st century earth; Where mankind has forged its greatest desires into a way of life. The governments of the world have come together to usher in what is being hailed as a true utopia… the first civilization in history where peace has reigned in every nation, providence, and region at the same time. Business, Technology, Science, Agriculture, Medicine, Religion… every aspect that makes life worth living has been upgraded beyond man’s wildest imagination.

Mankind looks out on what it has created and the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming… the culture smiles… pauses… and then gives itself a collective pat on the back… saying well done. The most advanced era on the planet, put together without any thought, recognition, or acknowledgement of CREATOR GOD – ELOHIM!

With all of the advancements of knowledge in this age, one thing has been overlooked by the citizenry… EVERYTHING BUILT WITHOUT GOD BEING INVOLVED IS SURE TO CRUMBLE… and most of the time it crumbles from the inside out.

This society was designed, developed, and put into play by one man… one special man who understood that every great civilization has one thing in common… a charismatic leader… someone who has the vision to lead. But something is changing… an underlying vibe is circulating in the underbelly of this euphoric society… on the fringes things are happening…

Who would know better what’s taking place than the architect of this society… that man with the vision. And believe me, mankind is not ready for what is to come…

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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