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The Light of Freedom

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The Light of Freedom

Film Description:

The Light of Freedom – It is the year 1861 and President Lincoln has called for 75,000 men to join the Union Army. As the Civil War begins, another battle has been raging for decades. It is the fight for freedom waged by the Underground Railroad.

William Hanby has been a station master on the Underground Railroad for many years. He breaks the law of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, as he puts himself and his family in great danger to help runaway slaves reach freedom. Difficulty arises when a new bounty hunter arrives in the area, determined to make money by returning runaway slaves to their masters. The situation is further complicated when Hanby’s primary railroad conductor joins the Union Army to fight in the war.

Meanwhile, further south along the Ohio River, at the border of the slave state of Kentucky and the free state of Ohio, the frontline of the fight for freedom rages. Jackson Cumberland, a free black man, risks his life regularly to help runaway slaves make it across the river. Samuel Woodson, a slave rescued by Jackson, yearns to be re-united with his sister, still caught on the other side of the river.


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  1. 01 October 13, 7:56am

    What are the terms for offering this movie at the McHenry theatre. I would like to try to fit these films in to build an audience, as we had two nights of sellouts with The Triumph. There were 6 weeks of pre-marketing and of course we were able to hit the churches, preschools and faith based programs as well as a new audience.

    Terms – a flat fee? Would we be able to offer pre-sales of DVDs at a discounted price? Perhaps take care of all of the paperwork including a self addressed sticker for mailing when they are available. Or the customers could come to the theatre to pick them up to save on shipping. We would also be willing to sell the various DVD’s at the theatre.

    Please advise at your earliest convenience. I believe I have the week of 10/18 and 10/10/25 currently available. I am also contact other companies. thank you so much. 815-482-2111 cell

  2. Annelie says
    01 October 13, 9:52am

    Check out their website with their contact information and how to get their film in your theatre.


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