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The Lion of Judah

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CFDb Review!

A powerful cartoon that shares the message of salvation through the Biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection. Very emotional with some humor and great music throughout. This film is all about the freedom Christ brings by His sacrifice.

Film Synopsis:

The Lion of Judah, a laugh-filled, heart warming story seen through the eyes of a zany cast of stable animals. Take an eye-opening adventure with a lovable pig (Horace), a faint-hearted horse (Monty), a finicky rat (Slink), a rambling rooster (Drake), a motherly cow (Esmay), a downtrodden donkey (Jack) and a heroic lamb (Judah) and you have got a classic in the making.

Upon learning that Judah has been trapped in the clutches of the townspeople and faces the possibility of being the sacrifice at the annual Festival, the stablemates leave their cozy barn and embark on a hilariously funny series of adventures to find and free their friend. During their numerous attempts to find Judah, a wonderful story emerges as they intercept, interact and entwine with history finally seeking out the King, who was born in their stable more than 30 years earlier.

The antics of our unique cast crates a uniquely funny and entertaining epic as it winds its way through numerous side-splitting encounters and historical scenes. The whole family will enjoy the telling of this wonderful stroy as it delicately combines biblical texture and timing and treats the most impacting events with care and humility. Without a doubt, The Lion of Judah will leave you in awe of the power that one lamb can command.

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Film 2 “Once Upon A Stable

Film 1 “Bethlehem or Bust

  • Ernest Borgnine ~~~ Slink
  • Leon Clingman ~~~ Tony
  • Georgina Cordova ~~~ Judah
  • Scott Reeves ~~~ Jack
  • Samantha Gray ~~~ Mother Sheep
  • Roger Hawkins ~~~ Hornsby
  • Anupam Kher ~~~ Monty
  • Michael Madsen ~~~ Boss
  • David Magidoff ~~~ Peter
  • Bruce Marchiano ~~~ Jesus
  • Alphonso McAuley ~~~ Drake
  • Vic Mignogna ~~~ Raven 1
  • Omar Benson Miller ~~~ Horace
  • Rodney Newman ~~~ Raven 2
  • Sandi Patty ~~~ Esmay
  • Adrienne Pierce ~~~ Helda
  • Serena Porter ~~~ Servant Girl
  • Matthew Rutherford ~~~ Wallace
Name/Company: Animated Family Films
Contact Person: Johan Sturm
Phone: 321-728-8659
Fax: 321-728-8659
Website: Film Website
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The Lion of Judah, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Arthur says
    23 February 12, 9:01am

    Disculpe el DVD lo venderan con subtitulos en español?

  2. Annelie says
    23 February 12, 6:24pm

    No creo que esto está saliendo con subtítulos en español. Si no cambiamos eso, vamos a actualizar la página del filme decir Subtítulos en español. Lo sentimos por eso.


  3. Jeremiah says
    02 January 13, 11:44pm

    what kind of songs that use in that movie ?
    I’m interested to the songs that you use to the movie ..pls reply me ..

  4. Annelie says
    08 January 13, 6:37am

    Here is the link to the soundtrack:
    1. Glory 2. I Don’t Care If It Rains 3. Carry Me 4. Sweet Love 5. Free, Free 6. Your Love Will Find Me 7. The Lion of Judah 8. How It Feels to Be Alive 9. Lion of Judah 10. Once Upon a Stable (Bonus Track)


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