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The List

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CFDb Review:

When God is in our lives, everything can have purpose, even in the most terrible trials and losses.

The List

Film Description:

The List – What does it profit a man to gain the world?

By the age of 12, Jack Stone had experienced more life grit than most adults. In a depression, he decided to grab the controls, make a list as his road map and set out to accomplish life his way.

Fifteen years of life on the street and clawing up from the bottom later, we find Jack as a successful lawyer. He’s done well on his own, crossed a lot off his list and added more. But he hasn’t factored God into the plan. God hasn’t seemed to be around in the past; can Jack trust him with the future? As life continues to take its toll and tragedies strike, will Jack relinquish the power of his list in order to gain all he’s ever wanted?

Film Cast

  • Brian Dewar McNamara … Peter Franklin
  • Travis Love … Undercover Cop
  • Aja Wooldridge … Orphan
  • Joshua Mikel … Red Durant
  • Shannen Fields … Lead Danakin Attorney
  • Montell Jordan … Brian Mullenax
  • Jeff Rose … Mr. Robinson
  • Karenlie Riddering … Katheryn
  • Brooke Jaye Taylor … Rebecca Chambers
  • Julie Gribble … Charlene Stone
  • John Emil D’Angelo … Mr. Chan
  • Brett David Stelter … Undercover Cop
  • Danny Williams … Jorge
  • Matt Cornwell … Cop Boyfriend
  • Jarod Thompson … Courtroom Observer
  • Craig S. Murphy … Undercover Cop
  • L. Stephanie Ray … Shontelle
  • Whitney Christopher … Mrs. Robinson
  • Hudson Meek … Group Home Child
  • Victoria Spencer Smith … Dr. Lisa Soules
  • Lane Miller … Dillan
  • Kelly Finley … Nurse
  • Scott Pryor … Jack Stone
  • Susanna McMillan … Pregnant Mom
  • Quanteus Johnson … Cop
  • Deborah Childs … Judge Collins
  • Kristen Sharp … Molly Chambers
  • Cheryl Collins … Female Officer
  • Beth Pilgreen … Peggy

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Film Details

The List, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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