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The Maker Unknown

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Oblivious to God’s purpose and plan, a group of strangers’ lives intersect as they deal with everyday problems. They are left asking themselves, “Why is this happening to me?” Not knowing that there is a divine reason. In this new, emotionally climatic drama from writer/director Cesar Marquez, We come to the realization of how God is working behind the scenes in each of our lives to bring us to his glory.

Chris, recently out of jail, deals with the consequences of his actions as his parents Maria and Tomas have no choice but to kick him out of the house. His sister Cristina bails him out, but is quickly put off by his ingratitude and selfish attitude. Brittany, a spoiled teenage white girl whose racist views in part bestowed to her by her father Richard, turn for the worst when a black couple arrives at her party. Ignacio, a hard working Hispanic man just trying to make ends meet, encounters racism at every turn as he struggles to provide a better life for his family. Michael, a telemarketing salesman dealing with alcoholism and a failed marriage, comes to a crossroad when he must make a choice between his addiction and his daughter. Richard, Brittany’s racist father is the owner of a shipping warehouse. His racist attitude eats away at the structure of his family and his business. Pastor Martinez, a long-time minister whose jagged past and rough upbringing have evolved him into the man he is today, a man of God. The lives of these individuals and more intersect into what becomes a revelation of the goodness of God’s grace. How, without us knowing God places people in our path and opens doors to bring us to salvation and glory.

Marquez will direct “The Maker Unknown” from his own screenplay of the same name.

Release Date: (Theaters) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD)TBA!

  • Hugh Mclean – Pastor. Freddie Martinez
  • Ian Sanchez – Chris Sanchez
  • Carmelita Gonzalez – Maria Sanchez
  • Hector Benavidez – Tomas Sanchez
  • Diana Dee Grace – Cristina Sanchez
  • Rebecca Ramirez – Brittany Dennings
  • Mimi Stricker – Diedra Dennings
  • Larry Coulter – Richard Dennings
  • Victoria Marquez – Daphne Kossen
  • Victoria Luna – Diane Jacobs
  • Al Guevara – Ignacio Madrigal
  • Carmi Rodriquez – Yanira Madrigal
  • Cesar Marquez – Michael Bento
  • Heather Jimenez – Hillary Fahey
  • Samantha Chapa – Abbey Bento
  • Cheryl Ariaz Wicker – Rebecca Burnquist
  • Manuel E. Ramos – Manny Venegas
  • Elizabeth Rodriquez – Elsa Martinez
  • Kenneth Duncan Jr.- Guadalupe
  • Cristobal Casso – Tosh
  • Ana Michelle Hinojosa – Dr. Radcliffe
  • Kassandra Ridriguez – Anna Madrigal
  • Juan Rodriquez Jr. – Mario Madrigal
  • Kristine Castro – Daniella Rodriquez
  • Stardust Gorsch – Annabelle Roberts
  • Jordan Leu Voy – Darren Whitmaore
  • Jose Flores – George Feldman
  • Alejandro Mondragon – Homero Cantu
Name/Company: Majesta Films
Contact Person: Cesar Marquez
Phone: (956) 489-4736
Website: Film/Company Website

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