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The Mark 2: Redemption

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CFDb Review:

Action packed and fantastic movie!  Gives you a lot to think about.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

The Mark 2: Redemption


Film Description:

The Mark 2: Redemption – Moments after parachuting from Flight 777, former Marine Chad Turner and flight attendant Dao find themselves descending into a world of madness. The Tribulation has begun. Panic and chaos plague the streets, and cities are on fire. But they have even greater problems. They’re being hunted by a team of mercenaries lead by Joseph Pike and funded by the power-hungry Phillip Turk with orders to extract the biometric microchip living in Chad Turner’s body and prepare it for the masses.

The only hope to protect the microchip and prevent it from falling into the hands of evil is for Chad to summon all his elite skills in battle to outrun and outlast the forces against him – and call on a higher power to provide the necessary strength to prevail.

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The Mark
The Mark 2: Redemption
The Mark 3: ***”


The Mark 2: Redemption Christian Movie Film DVD

  • Craig Sheffer … Chad Turner
  • Eric Roberts … Cooper
  • Gary Daniels … Pike
  • Sarah Deakins … Jodie Scott
  • Sonia Couling … Dao
  • Carey Scott … Pilot
  • Bruce Blain … Air Marshal
  • Ron Smoorenburg … Arlo
  • Brahim Achabbakhe … Tash
  • Russell Geoffrey Banks … Tech
  • Byron Gibson … Jenson
  • Desmond O’Neill … Henchman
Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
Contact Person:
Phone: 480-991-2258
Fax: 480-473-9811
Email: Email Contact
The Mark 2: Redemption, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Pastor Richard Corwin says
    19 November 12, 1:16pm

    My family loved the first “Mark” movie. Please let me know when a release date is finalized. It was even better than “Jerusalem Countdown” or the old “Left Bethind” series. Thanks

  2. Annelie says
    19 November 12, 2:07pm

    We aren’t quite sure of the release date. We’ll update the page as soon as we find out.


  3. Christopher William Myers says
    19 November 12, 8:35pm

    Yes please do Thanks I just watched the first movie “The Mark”

  4. Pregie Amor Garin says
    21 November 12, 11:14am

    Really nice movie. Waiting for “The Mark: Redemption.”

  5. jennifer Gomez says
    24 November 12, 12:42am

    I cant wait till redemption comes out, i seen the mark movie at walmart and had to buy it though ive never heard of it, because ive seen youtube videos on the microchip and my moms warned me of the mark since i was little i use to watch similar movies like “theif in the night” and when i heard of the chip i been trying to learn of it, please tell me the release date asap i will buy them all!!! 🙂

  6. andrew gaspa says
    24 November 12, 1:33pm

    When is the mark redemption coming out?

  7. Annelie says
    25 November 12, 9:14am

    We do not have a release date yet.


  8. Annelie says
    25 November 12, 9:14am

    Sorry. No release date yet.


  9. Luis Pla says
    31 December 12, 12:00am

    I have read the Left Behind series and have seen many movies concerning the Rapture and the Anti-Christ. Thank you for making new movies, my kids are finally listening to my wife and I. This puts a whole new way to influence the younger christains and non christains. Thank you for all your efforts

  10. casper says
    31 December 12, 9:30pm

    any new about release dates of the mark redemption?

  11. Annelie says
    01 January 13, 1:34pm

    Sorry, no release date just yet.


  12. Samuel Fairchild says
    17 January 13, 7:53pm

    Me and my wife really enjoyed ‘ THE Mark ” the movie . Crisp scenes and dialogue , and good acting. THE whole movie had a good flow to it. Just add our names to the growing list of those waiting to see ” THE Mark Redemption .Thanks.

  13. matthew says
    20 January 13, 3:24pm

    The movie was awful. Most of the action took place on a jet plane and had very little to do with the eschatological point that the movie was trying to portray. I had high hopes for this movie but it was just very substandard and boring. Christian film makers are gonna have to really start stepping up to todays film standards if they ever want to have an impact on secular audiences.

  14. casper says
    02 February 13, 12:29pm

    any release dates?

  15. Annelie says
    02 February 13, 5:54pm

    No release date yet still.


  16. Sherry says
    08 March 13, 3:00am

    Can’t wait, I loved the Mark

  17. Kay Koto says
    18 April 13, 8:20pm

    I loved the movie ‘The Mark’ passed it aound to other youths and they also loved it.Started searching for The redemption cause i thought it was alredy releashed but thank God..Now the youths i gave it to are asking me for Redemption..well its good to know everyone is still waiting. Loooking forward..

  18. dawn says
    16 May 13, 12:36am

    Typically I do not watch Christian movies to be honest. As a pagan they do not interest me. I came across the first movie and I enjoyed it even given the topic. I don’t particularly like the cliffhanger endings but given the subject I understand why.
    I liked both movies and can’t wait the see the next because in the first the cliffhanger ending made me upset, such an awful way to end a movie with no closure.
    As a pagan it’s not the Christian theme that drew my interest but the concept of the chip which we experience in our lives currently if you honestly think about it. Gps in your phone, car things you don’t even think about and they’ve been slowly conditioning the populace to think nothing of from the moment they started companies like lifealert, and just like in the movie with the chip it’s marketed for your own convenience and safety of self and loved ones. LifeAlert for those who don’t know is a necklace/bracelet marketed toward elderly individuals who desire independence but might not always be able to get to a phone in an emergency. Then if your pet gets lost or stolen you can have them implanted with a chip to not only track them but hold important medical info on it. Now-a-days it has been pointed out that in order to retrieve military killed or lost in hostile territories they have a tracking chip implanted rather than just good old fashioned dog tags. People with enough money can purchase even jewelery pieces with gps tracking in case of kidnapping, chips or apps that can be added to a spouses or childs phone to keep track of them… The irony in the movie is the character Turk (who is obviously the bad guy, ie devil) says that for your safety the mark chips will be voluntary and once you see the benefits everyone will want one. My response is first and foremost never and anyone who agrees to it are no more than sheep compliant out of fear running for the cliff like lemmings to fall over into the abyss of hell.

  19. Josh Allen says
    18 May 13, 10:33am

    Has anyone noticed that they let Eric Roberts curse in the movie? I know he’s not a christian actor, but Pureflix claims to be a christian company. It took me by surprise, and let me down quite a bit. Besides the fact that the movie was really boring compared to the first movie. The CG was hit and miss. And the whole film felt like a filler between the first and second movies. I had high hopes, but it didn’t meet those hopes. Sorry

  20. CFDb says
    18 May 13, 11:50am

    Hi Josh,

    It’s been a little while since I seen this film, I remember that I liked it, but I don’t remember any bad language. I either missed it or I forgot, but either way, I know what your saying. Some Christian filmmakers think it’s ok to use language, because it makes the film more realistic, but other Christians filmmakers think none should ever be used.

    This is one of those issues that people disagree on.

    Have you see other Christian films like this Josh?

  21. Jake Olson says
    21 May 13, 9:24am

    I”m really excited to see this. I have the first one, but I’ve been waiting until the second one came our so that I could watch both of them back to back. I’m really impressed with most of the Purefilx movies I’ve seen (Jerusalem Countdown, Encounter, This is Our Time,)

    Anyways, just wanted to weigh in a little bit here.

  22. Melissa says
    23 May 13, 9:34pm

    Loved both of these movies! Any idea how many movies there will be in this series? Was this based off of a book series?? I was so disappointed when they only came out with a couple of movies that were based off of the “Left Behind” series. Those books were phenominal!!

  23. Melissa says
    23 May 13, 9:48pm

    And I just read Josh Allen’s comment from above. I just finished watching both of these movies and I didn’t hear a single curse word. Not saying he’s lying, just that if it was there I totally missed it. I really loved both of these movies but I actually like the second one a little better. I thought it was really action filled and suspenseful. The only thing I saw that didn’t look at all realistic was where they were parashooting into Beijing. You could tell it was all shot in front of a green screen. Other then that I thought the special effects were really good.

  24. Annelie says
    24 May 13, 5:57am

    Not sure about how many will be made. We don’t believe this was based off a book series. Does anyone know for sure?


  25. Christi says
    25 May 13, 7:53pm

    I really hope that they continue the series. I agree with Melissa. I loved the Left Behind movies and was very disappointed that there were only 3 movies. I would love to see the entire set all of the way to the Glorious Appearing.

  26. Jamie says
    28 May 13, 9:29pm

    Enjoyed both, The Mark and The Mark Redemption, will there be third one and when wil it come out?

  27. Annelie says
    29 May 13, 12:11pm

    Not sure about the 3rd one yet – you can sign up for the newsletter which includes all the upcoming movies for that month.


  28. Bob says
    02 June 13, 12:14am

    I noticed at the end of the film DAO (Sonia Couling) was reading from Genesis 1. She does Ok till she gets to Genesis 1:2. Her Dialog goes as such:

    DAO: Okay, so let me tell you a story. In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was without form and void. And the darkness was on the face of the deep”

    [So far so good except that the character calls it a “Story” like its a fairy tale. So then DAO continues]

    DAO: …and the spirit of THE God moved upon the face of the waters”

    Does anyone see the problem here? THE God. Not GOD but THE God like “A God” or “that God” or “some God” signifying that this God is one of others. I watched both movies in one sitting [The Mark and The Mark 2] and then this was at the end of The Mark 2. How did this get in to the final cut? It should have been edited out. If you put on the captions they come up “the God”. There is a huge difference between “the God” and God. This is a major error. Why didn’t the director say “Cut! Sonia, it’s “God” not “the” God. Thank you. OK lets go again…”

    I enjoyed the films. With this Genre I don’t expect big budget. I am moved by watching the aspects of my beliefs being portrayed on screen. This is a way for people to be entertained and also experience Christian values and The Bible.

    2 The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.
    Genesis 1:2 (New American Standard Bible)
    Not “the God” – God.

    Blessings to all.

  29. Tina says
    10 June 13, 8:57pm

    Just watched Mark 2!!! The only thing I can say is….When is the next one coming out!? I was leaning forward all eyes on the T.V, all electronic off! I did not even want to get up and use the bathroom even though I have to ability to pause ha ha. I just want to add that no matter what, people may pick apart this movie and that’s okay because if anything it will get people thinking and hopefully they will do their own research and connect with GOD in the way that only he can get through to that person.

  30. Thomas Handoko says
    05 July 13, 8:12pm

    At last, The second chapter of Mark movie has been released. I haven’t seen yet but hope this is the final chapter. It took me so looooong to wait if this is not the end yet.

  31. Chris says
    27 July 13, 9:31pm

    Just saw both recently. Bought The Mark this past Mon. And bought The Mark 2: Redemption Thurs. Both are great movies. Hopefully there will be more, unlike the Left Behind movies.

  32. Matthew Lafferty says
    19 August 13, 8:43am

    What I want to know is when is the third movie coming out?

  33. Annelie says
    19 August 13, 9:20am

    Sorry, we wish we knew but we don’t have any information about the 3rd one yet. As soon as we do we’ll update the page.


  34. donna card says
    19 August 13, 2:02pm

    ii just saw the mark one and 2 movies on neflex i hope there is goeing toi be a third one.also are these movies based on the left behind book series

  35. donna card says
    19 August 13, 2:03pm

    just curoius are these two movies based on the left behind series or a whole new christian book series

  36. Annelie says
    19 August 13, 3:22pm

    Totally different series than the left behind books and movies.


  37. Annelie says
    19 August 13, 3:22pm

    Should be a third one but not sure when it’s coming out. It’s own series – not based on the left behind books.


  38. mwas says
    23 September 13, 12:08pm

    eagerly wating 4 ‘mark 3’

  39. kelconie says
    13 November 13, 6:28pm

    how can i download the second movie free i really want to see it please help me or can some one upload it on you tube please i want share this movie in my country maybe some other people can change and see what is coming.

  40. Annelie says
    14 November 13, 10:20am

    You would have to purchase the movie online or on DVD or Blu-ray – I just added a link to watch online from Amazon.


  41. Misha Hines says
    14 February 14, 11:17pm

    Any information on the rest of the series after 2? Would love to see them, I just watched the first 2 on Netflix.


  42. CFDb says
    15 February 14, 5:55am

    I don’t have any yet, but I’m looking, I will post on the film page, as soon as I get any. Not sure why it’s hush hush on many films, I wish they would give more info as they go along, that way the buzz could be going. 🙂

  43. John says
    13 October 15, 10:05pm

    Watched “Redemption” last night. My wife and I enjoyed it, muchly (yes, not a word but explains what I want to say). There are loose ends at the end leaving room for a sequel. I know that it says above that none are planned but I don’t know when that response was given. Have plans been made for a Mark III and, if so, is it in production as yet?

  44. Annelie says
    14 October 15, 11:26am

    We wish but I don’t know. Originally they were supposed to, not sure if it will really happen though.

  45. youngbrain says
    29 November 15, 2:20pm

    Guys it’snot about enjoying the move but believing injesus christ so you could just go with him on rapture really i have no much thing to say be believe in the holy son of god and the tribulation shall pass you by may we make heaven in jesus name

  46. Annelie says
    30 November 15, 7:36am

    The message really is about being ready at all times. As we know, none of us are guaranteed even the next moment of life. Walking with Jesus on a continual basis is what He desires from us…a life surrendered to Him at all times.

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