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The Mark

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The Mark


Film Description:

Craig Sheffer (A River Runs Through it), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Gary Daniels (The Expendables), Sonia Couling, Sarah Deakins (Final Cut), and Carey Scott (Jerusalem Countdown) star in the action pack end times thriller The Mark.

Working for a security contracting agency in his years after service in the United States Army, Chad Turner (Sheffer) finds himself surgically implanted with a ground breaking piece of technology on a commercial 747 flight on its way to Berlin. In route, the plane is hijacked by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels), a ruthless mercenary, who is looking to capture Chad and turn his implant over to a mysterious political figure. In the fight for his life Chad comes to understand the reality of God’s plan and that he is now branded with the mark of the beast.

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The Mark
The Mark 2: Redemption
The Mark 3: ***”

The Mark 2: Redemption Christian Movie DVD Film

The Mark 2: Redemption Christian Movie DVD Film Blu-ray

  • Eric Roberts … Cooper
  • Craig Sheffer … Chad Turner
  • Gary Daniels … Joseph Pike
  • Sarah Deakins … Jodi Scott
  • Sonia Couling … Dao
  • Bruce Blain … Air Marshall
  • Luis Fernandez-Gil … French President
  • Carey Scott … Ted Scott
  • Ron Smoorenburg … Arlo
  • Chanicha Shindejanichakul … Woman Passenger
  • Luca Rodrigues … Brazilian President
  • Byron Gibson … Jensen
  • Ilka Urbach … German President
  • James Chankin … Jeremy Turner
  • Angie Papanikolas … Turk’s Secretary
  • David Cuddy … Captain
  • Charlie Ruedpokanon … Jiri
  • Jean-Jacques Vélicitat … Graham
  • Art Supawatt Purdy … Jock
  • John Marengo … Pastor
  • Jennifer Claesson … Stewardess 1
  • Al Harlow … Male passenger
  • Phil Swinburne … British Prime Minister
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The Mark, 2.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Waldenir says
    09 September 12, 12:25am

    Waiting this movie for action.

  2. James Lee says
    13 June 13, 1:43am

    I just watched “The Mark” movie on Netflix via my Apple TV 3! Did the airplane crash?

  3. Annelie says
    13 June 13, 6:22am

    Watch ‘The Mark’ 2 and you can see 🙂 We liked #2 even better.


  4. Caroline says
    16 August 13, 5:15am

    Hi, I wonder where I can get the soundtrack for this movie??? I can’t find it anywhere!!! I want the song they had in the trailer, the rock and roll one..

  5. Annelie says
    16 August 13, 10:17am

    WE can’t find a soundtrack. You can call PureFlix – 480-991-2258 – you may be able to get the song there.


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