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The Measure of a Man

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Rating: 2.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

The Measure of a Man – The beginning went too fast and we were thinking they should have made two movies out of this one and expanded on the background of the grandparents. That looked really interesting and wanted to learn more about them.  There was a LOT of singing in this movie.

The Measure of a Man

Film Description:

It takes a real man to be a father.

The Measure of a Man – The Measure of a Man tells the heartwarming and inspiring story of Donald Bailey, who, as a teenager, leaves behind his home in California and sets out to make his mark on the world. Many years later, during her father’s final moments of his battle with cancer, Elizabeth Bailey recalls pivotal moments in her father’s life—from his childhood spent in an orphanage to his growth into a hardworking man, loving husband, and dedicated father of nine children.

A series of tender snapshots of growing up in the Bailey household, The Measure of a Man captures the importance of leaving a legacy of love and faith—and shows that in the quest to create a good life for others, one can craft a legacy that lasts much longer than a lifetime.

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The Measure of a Man, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. 02 June 13, 3:31pm

    My review of this movie – a diamond in the rough:

    This is not your typical three act drama. If you’re lost without the concept of a setup, turning points, heightened tension and suspense, and a climax, then you’ll probably not like this movie. This story is a journey, reminiscent of Cheaper by the Dozen, documenting the story of a man’s life as told by his daughter. It’s a roller coaster ride of family moments intermingled with entertaining vignettes of song, mostly provided by the father, but occasionally by the other members of this extraordinary family.
    The cast was outstanding in this film. The kids (nine of them) were delightful. The father, played ably by Jarin Stevens in his only IMDB movie credit, reveals an eclectic mixture of a tough disciplinarian like Captain Von Trapp and a quixotic, musical, fun loving dreamer. The mother, portrayed admirably by Jennica Schwartzman, brought a character to the screen that possessed all of the attributes of the perfect wife. She touched my heartstrings, as I’m guessing her male counterpart does to the female viewers.
    This was not a blatantly Christian film. There were not a lot of references to God but the aura of faith surrounded the story. It is definitely a keeper in my estimation, a peek into the family as God intended it to be. I wish I’d have seen this movie when my kids were infants.

  2. Jeff Young says
    20 June 13, 5:21pm

    i am the youngest of eight kids and were raisedby an ex marine andx always had thikngs we had to do around the house and had to respect like those kids did and the love thatthey all felt especially at the end is what we all felt when my dad passed. the fun was also good memories thank you for making this faith driven movie.

  3. Johana says
    21 January 14, 7:52pm

    Yo recomiendo esta pelicula… es un tesoro y un vivo ejemplo del legado tan preciado que debemos dejar a nuestros hijos. I love it!!

  4. Judith Loza says
    22 November 15, 4:31pm

    This was such a beautiful movie….

  5. Phil A. Aganinta says
    02 October 16, 11:50am

    I’m a dad of 10 — ages 23 to 7. We’re actually fondly called as “The Tribe”. I’ve only seen the movie trailer and I’m already hooked. ‘Will sure watch the full film with my wife and kids.

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