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The Message

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Jake, a 30 years old IT programmer is about to receive a very important message, from God. Jake’s never been much of a believer in anything, not even himself. He’s content with the life he’s got simply because it’s comfortable. Working in the same job for almost ten years, no big goals for himself, other than the fact that he’s engaged to a young woman called Kate. Pretty much your average Joe.

That is, until a series of strange occurrences start happening to Jake.

It all started when he noticed a strange screensaver suddenly appeared on his coworker’s computer screen. The desktop background was an old picture of a camping trip he took with his family over 20 years ago. As he’s trying to figure out the origins of this photo, he begins to remember the day that picture was taken. The memories of that camping trip start to haunt him throughout the day.

His mother, Iris, is a devoted mother and Christian, who never gave up on her son or God. Her faith and prayers are answered as God starts to reach out to Jake in different events, and using Jake’s medium to get his attention. Jake, ignoring the messages, brings God to get even closer. God doesn’t give up until he sees a re-born Jake. Finally a Message is fully delivered, proving again that for God there are no limits. He is everything and everyone.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Name/Company: Integrity Films
Contact Person: Liss Cartagena
Phone: 321-946-8800
Website: Film Website
Email: Email Contact

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