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Film Synopsis:

A young wife and mother of two children is challenged to overcome her passive beliefs on religion after a serious car accident. Receiving haunting images of her past she is forced to make a decision that will decide her fate.

Searching for the true meaning of our existence she comes to the end of her journey and believes she has only two choices in the eyes of God; do not have faith and die or have faith and die.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

  • Erica Leerhsen ~~~ Anna
  • David Fine ~~~ Pete West
  • Emma Kate Abdoney ~~~ Little Anna
  • Alexis Achor ~~~ Young Sally
  • Danielle Adams ~~~ Young Anna
  • James Brooks ~~~ Harry
  • Georgia Chris ~~~ Sally
  • Pepe Douglas ~~~ Newspaper Man
  • Jack Eddleman ~~~ Dale
  • Elizabeth Fendrick ~~~ Becky
  • Heather Flora ~~~ Angel
  • Brennan Galagher ~~~ Young Dennis
  • Frankie Grasso-Clay ~~~ Young Becky
  • Kate Holliday ~~~ Brenda
  • Kristin Mellian ~~~ Deceased Wife
  • Missy ~~~ Timber
  • Jaret Norman ~~~ Matt
  • Dolph Paulsen ~~~ Man
  • Aaron Pushkar ~~~ The Drunk
  • Joe Reed ~~~ Priest
  • Maram Schuster ~~~ Old Woman
  • Emma Scott ~~~ Jesse
  • Randy Starr ~~~ Jim Porter
  • Lisa Thompson ~~~ Young Anna’s Mother
  • Bob Wells ~~~ Anna’s father
Name/Company: Clay Castle Productions
Contact Person:
Phone: 941-961-5699
Fax: 941-847-1084
Website: Film Website
Email: Email Contact

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