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The Messenger’s Box

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CFDb Review:

Powerful message in this film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

The Messenger’s Box

Film Description:

The Messenger’s Box – A powerful faith-based film, The Messenger’s Box demonstrates why we should never underestimate the power within our hearts.

When high school student Jake Casper finds a small wooden box in the attic of his grandpa’s antique store, his life is forever changed, especially when he discovers a secret compartment that appears to contain a nail used during Christ’s crucifixion.

Now, the more Jake learns of the power within the box and its purpose, the more obstacles he must overcome to get the box to a stranger before it’s too late.

Release Date: (DVD) November 2, 2015

The Messenger's Box - Christian Movie/Film BMG - Banner 3

The Messenger's Box - Christian Movie/Film BMG - Banner 2

The Messenger's Box - Christian Movie/Film BMG - Banner

Film Cast

  • Terri Partyka … Gossip Lady
  • Tiffany Burns … Maggie
  • Rose Anne Nepa … Mrs. Anderson
  • Ryan-Iver Klann … Pastor Mike
  • Justin Nelson … Student
  • Christy Edwards … Nurse
  • Rich Swingle … Jesus
  • Tim Kaiser … Doctor
  • Luke Hodgson … Jake
  • Melissa O’Brien … Connie
  • Gary Bosek … Pizza Guy
  • Kristina Kaylen … Nurse
  • Mitchell Biggs … David
  • Alyssa Harbaugh … Anna
  • Ryan Weaver … Thug
  • Kathi J. Moore … Mrs. Rousso
  • Anthony J Williams … Richie
  • Byron Jamez … Principal

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group Representative:
Phone: 1-866-774-3774 Fax: 480-907-2259
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

The Messenger's Box, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. 05 November 15, 8:53am

    Some of the Film details about the movie The Messenger’s Box is wrong. I am the writer of this movie. The movie is produced by the production company Piercing Purpose Productions. A view of the trailer will affirm this. Please fix this as soon as possible.

    Have a blessed day,

    Janie Smith

  2. Annelie says
    05 November 15, 9:05am

    Please check it again and make sure we have it accurate – I just adjusted the production company information. Usually we get the information by someone filling out the film details for us or on IMDb. We do the best we can to be accurate. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  3. 05 November 15, 1:43pm

    You are welcome Annelie. Thank you so much for correcting it. The only other thing is my is JaNie Smith. Not Jamie. I’m the writer.
    Thanks again, God bless,

    Janie Smith

  4. Byron Jamez says
    12 December 15, 5:22pm

    Hello I Guess They Don’t list the full cast Here this is Byron Jamez and I was the principal in the movie and was also included in the trailer.

  5. Annelie says
    13 December 15, 10:41am

    Not sure how that happened – added your name to the page.

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