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The Nativity

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The Nativity

Film Description:

The Nativity – Taking place around the turn of the millennium, this four part series follows three entwining tales based on the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus Christ. In Nazareth, Joseph, a carpenter, courts teenager Mary.

Meanwhile in Bethlehem, a shepherd called Thomas struggles under heavy taxation. And somewhere to the East, Magi gather to discuss the signs of a great event they see foretold in the stars. All their lives are brought together when Mary is visited by an angel and told she will give birth to the son of God.

Episode 1 – 31min. – December 20, 2010

In Nazareth, Mary counts her blessings when her parents arrange to marry her to a local carpenter, Joseph. She grows to love him as he struggles to build them a home under her mother’s watchful eye. In Bethlehem, Thomas the shepherd struggles to pay his taxes while his wife lies ill. And out in the East, the Magi gather to discuss signs in the heavens that herald a great event.

Episode 2 – 30min. – December 21, 2010

Mary’s visited by the Angel Gabriel and she learns she will bear the son of God. Deeply troubled, and unable to tell Joseph of her dream, she travels to see her cousin Elisabeth who is also mysteriously with child. Thomas the shepherd begs for more time to pay his taxes, but instead he has to watch as his animals are slaughtered in front of him.

Episode 3 – 30min. – December 22, 2010

Joseph can’t accept Mary’s explanation for her pregnancy. In danger of being stoned, Mary’s father begs Joseph to take her to Bethlehem – since he has to travel there for the census. The arrival of the Magi on his borders makes Herod deeply suspicious. The Magi are wary of revealing the truth to the emissary of a king with Herod’s reputation.

Episode 4 – 29min. – December 23, 2010

Joseph and Mary arrive in Bethlehem, but discover they’re not welcome. When Mary goes into labor, Joseph has to find somewhere to give birth and he finds a stable behind an inn. Thomas the shepherd is driven to violence in his rage and frustration. As the stars align, Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar hurry in disguise to Bethlehem, desperate to be present at the greatest moment in history.

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Topic: Christmas

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Film Cast

  • Andrew Buchan … Joseph
  • Peter Capaldi … Balthazar
  • Al Weaver … Thomas
  • Jack Shepherd … Melchior
  • Art Malik … Nicolaus
  • Obi Abili … Gaspar
  • Tatiana Maslany … Mary
  • Ruth Negga … Leah
  • Neil Dudgeon … Joachim
  • John Lynch … Gabriel
  • Howard Samuels … Tax Collector
  • Vincent Regan … Herod
  • David Sterne … Abimael
  • Claudie Blakley … Anna
  • Gawn Grainger … Levi
  • Ken Bones … Bethlehem Rabbi
  • Noureddine Aberdine … Desert Soldier
  • Frances Barber … Elizabeth
  • Matthew Deslippe … The Innkeeper
  • Younes Megri … Physician
  • Said Tarcilun … Magi Guard
  • Said Bey … Amos
  • Hami Belal … The Messenger
  • Helen Schlesinger … Rachel
  • Sadie Shimmin … Salome

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