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The Noah Interview

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The Noah Interview

Film Description:

While finishing his preparations on the Ark, Noah is visited by a “local news team” interested in writing a story about his unusual building project. Answering each snickering question, he continually refers back to God’s command to build the Ark. In the midst of their scoffing, Noah shares that repentance of sins is the only way to be saved from the floodwaters. This is an excellent reminder for us today, that repenting of our sin and trusting in Jesus Christ is the only way that we can be saved.

The Noah Interview was produced as an attraction for The Ark Encounter, a theme park developed by the creators of the Creation Museum and centered around a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. Full of colorful characters and slapstick comedy for all ages, the exchange between Noah and the reporters also highlights intriguing details about the ancient world and gives a taste of some of the fascinating material presented at the Ark Encounter.

Release Date: (DVD, VOD) July 07, 2016

Film Cast

  • Curt Cloninger … Noah
  • Pamela Klein … Emzara
  • Sasha Higgins … Adah
  • Kaden A Vu … Kenan
  • Gonzalo Bouza … Jared
  • Jedidiah Grooters … Japeth
  • Tony Demil … Bronze Breath
  • Kameron Omidian … Iron Head

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Grooters Productions Representative: John Grooters
Phone: 616-546-4000 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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