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The Other Side of Heaven

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The Other Side of Heaven

Film Description:

The Other Side of Heaven – John H. Groberg, a middle class kid from Idaho Falls, crosses the Pacific to become a missionary in the remote and exotic Tongan island kingdom during the 1950’s.

He leaves behind a loving family and the true love of his life, Jean. Through letters and musings across the miles, John shares his humbling and sometimes hilarious adventures with “the girl back home”, and her letters buoy up his spirits in difficult times. John must struggle to overcome language barriers, physical hardship and deep-rooted suspicion to earn the trust and love of the Tongan people he has come to serve.

Throughout his adventure-filled three years on the islands, he discovers friends and wisdom in the most unlikely places. John H. Groberg’s Tongan odyssey will change his life forever.

Based on the diary of John Groberg, and his three year mission to the Tongan islands.

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Topic: Missions

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Film Cast

  • Christopher Gorham … John Groberg
  • Anne Hathaway … Jean Sabin
  • Joe Folau … Feki
  • Nathaniel Lees … Kelepi
  • Miriama Smith … Lavania
  • Alvin Fitisemanu … Tomasi
  • Peter Sa’ena-Brown … Kuli
  • Whetu Fala … Asi
  • Apii McKinley … Noli
  • Paki Cherrington … Minister
  • Jeremy Birchall … Edward
  • Ross Duncan … John’s Father
  • Maggie Harper … John’s Mother
  • Rick Leckinger … Photographer
  • Brian Richards … Crowd Member #1
  • Vernon Pribble … Crowd Member #2
  • Anita Schiller … Crowd Member #3
  • Norman Forsey … Old Sailor
  • John Brazier … Suva Boat Captain
  • James Vannaisingham … Suva Customs Officer #1
  • George Sabbage … Suva Customs Officer #2
  • Christian Davis … Suva Missionary
  • Tim Holt … Swede
  • Gerald R. Molen … President Coombs
  • Glynis Paraha … Postmistress
  • Nga Jonassen … Gossip #1
  • Lorna Nicholas … Gossip #2
  • John Paekau … Governor
  • Nancy Kareroa … Mele
  • Pua Magasiva … Finau
  • Mary Taio … Lita
  • Josia Taio … Lita’s Father
  • Fofonga Taio … Lita’s Mother
  • Mona Taio … Lita’s Sister
  • Turara Pekepo … Old Man
  • Taua Benioni … Lavania’s Father
  • Natiti Pere Eti … Sincere Mourner #1
  • Tereapii Enua … Sincere Mourner #2
  • Maria Maurangi … Goldtooth
  • Ben Daniel … Nuku
  • Sharon Brothers … Nuku’s Mother
  • Tearoa Ngaro … Tomasi’s Wife
  • Hula Carnahan … Tomasi’s Daughter
  • Tumupu Tumupu … Finau’s Father
  • Stig Eldred … Rich Yacht Owner
  • Fraley Cerutti … Crew Member #1
  • Mike Nilsen … Crew Member #2
  • Nooroa Anitonia … Girl’s Mother #1
  • Ititau Mare … Girl’s Mother #2
  • Vaine Wichman … Finau’s Mother
  • Mata George … Audience Member
  • Ben Tuteru … Sione
  • John Sumner … President Stone
  • Louisa Teite … Elderly Woman
  • Vivian Tuteru … Child #3
  • Paula Keenan … Sister Stone
  • Sope Carnahan … Old Woman
  • John Barker … Band Singer
  • John H. Groberg … Wedding Photographer
  • Daniel Lucas … John Groberg’s Younger Brother

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Film Details

The Other Side of Heaven, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. CFDb says
    09 October 15, 12:57pm

    This is one of the most powerful movies we have ever seen, it really shows how to be a Christian!

  2. Bob says
    11 October 15, 2:34pm

    “The Other Side of Heaven” is a Mormon film about a Mormon missionary. It’s sad to see this movie plugged on a Christian film database site, especially with the endorsement from CFDb that “it really shows how to be a Christian!” Undoubtedly, some who don’t know that the Mormon church teaches a different gospel will be drawn away from the true Gospel just because outwardly the main character acts so “Christian” and is so sincere. Counterfeits are the speciality of Satan. Whether it’s a powerful movie seems irrelevant if someone, because of the film, is enticed away from faith in Christ alone and into a religion that teaches works as a means of salvation, and that Mormons in good standing can become gods. I saw the movie some time ago and it certainly shows how to be a good religious person (see Rom. 3:10-12), but I’m not sure why CFDb couldn’t have at least mentioned it was about a Mormon.

  3. Annelie says
    12 October 15, 10:35am

    I think that we all have to be careful about any movie we watch because it usually draws a lot of emotions from us and perhaps will lead us down a wrong path. Most of the films we see are made more for entertainment value than for the truths of God’s Word. Our only safe path is to read The Bible, which is our foundation and it’s like Jesus written out for all the world to find Him.

    This particular movie is not a Mormon film with Mormon teaching, it’s a Disney film so that is the only reason we didn’t mention it.

  4. lior says
    26 June 16, 12:48pm

    John H. Groberg is a loyal servant of the Satan Which led people to hell. This film does not honor God. Please remove it!

  5. CFDb says
    06 July 16, 1:07pm

    We’re sorry you feel so passionate about this matter. You can see our stance in the above response. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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