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The Pardon

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CFDb Review:

What a powerful film, expect to be moved to tears.  CFDb Movie Review

The Pardon

Film Description:

The Pardon – The true story of Toni Jo Henry, a woman tried for the crime of murder in 1942 in the state of Louisiana.

Toni Jo, a product of childhood abuse and neglect, briefly discovers love and happiness that soon turns to despair when her husband Cowboy is sent to prison and she embarks on an ill-fated plan with an accomplice Arkie to free him.Because of her beauty, Toni Jo instantly becomes a notorious celebrity, drawing the unparalleled media attention of two highly publicized and sensational murder trials.

Her story is a story of hope, a story of love and a story of redemption, as Toni Jo discovers the true strength within herself and, with the help of a priest, Father Richard is able to face her life with a calm and peace that defies explanation.

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Topic: Incarceration

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Film Cast

  • Jaime King … Toni Jo Henry
  • Leigh Whannell … Clement Moss
  • John Hawkes … Finnon ‘Arkie’ Burke
  • T.J. Thyne … Father Richard
  • Jason Lewis … Cowboy
  • M.C. Gainey … Gibbs Duhon
  • Tim Guinee … Norman Anderson
  • Niki Spiridakos … Niki
  • Douglas M. Griffin … Toni Jo’s Father
  • Sue Rock … Miss Charlotte
  • Stuart Greer … George McQuiston
  • John F. Beach … Daniel Baker
  • Clay Chamberlin … The Deputy
  • Jackson Beals … Bailiff #1
  • Ed Bruce … J.P. Copeland
  • Ashleigh Borman … Julie
  • Jeddah Danielle Salera … Young Toni Jo
  • Brady Coleman … Texas Judge
  • Gregg Brazzel … Wild Willie Russell
  • Derek Wayne Johnson … Photographer
  • John Valdetero … Mr. Calloway
  • Walt Hollis … Trooper Lebleiu
  • Michael Showers … Detective
  • Steven Miramontz … Boxing Fan
  • Patrick Kirton … Albert Stokes
  • Mary Griffitts … Bertha
  • Celeste Roberts … Aunt Emma
  • Meade Patton … Captain
  • Chris Fry … Sherriff Henry Reid
  • Ron Fagan … Juror
  • Nancy Wilder … Mrs. Calloway

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Film Details

The Pardon, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. CFDb says
    29 August 15, 5:59pm

    WOW, What a Powerful True Story, This will reach you Soul!

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