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The Passion

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Film Synopsis:

This critically acclaimed biblical drama was originally shown on television during Easter 2008 to a huge audience of over 5 million. The dramatisation of the last days of Christ, though brutal, is beautifully told, with superb performances and content that remains faithful to the gospels.

A visually arresting, rich and compelling drama, The Passion is rooted in the chaotic world in which it took place, telling the story from three points of view, the Religious Authorities, the Romans and Jesus to convey the powerful events that would shape world history.

It’s the start of Passover week. In the next few days thousands of pilgrims will pour into Jerusalem to celebrate the most important festival in their religious calendar. For their Roman masters, led by Pontius Pilate, it is the most difficult time of the year. For the High Priest Caiaphas and his Temple priests the workload will be heavy and the pressure to maintain civil order will be intense.

News arrives that Jesus the Galilean is approaching the city on a donkey’s colt, and will be entering Jerusalem through the East Gate. This will fulfil two of the most powerful religious prophecies for the coming of the Messiah.
On the streets a crowd is beginning to gather, and the week has only just begun.

The DVD Listed is Not a U.S. Edition!

  • Ben Daniels ~~~ Caiaphas
  • John Lynch ~~~ Sagan
  • Joseph Mawle ~~~ Jesus
  • James Nesbitt ~~~ Pilate
  • Ben Caplan ~~~ Yehuda
  • Stuart Kidd ~~~ Simon
  • Tom Ellis ~~~ Apostle Philip
  • Daniel Evans ~~~ Apostle Matthew
  • Paul Nicholls ~~~ Judas
  • Lewis Clay ~~~ Apostle Thomas
  • Dean Lennox Kelly ~~~ Apostle James
  • Denis Lawson ~~~ Annas
  • Darren Morfitt ~~~ Apostle Peter
  • Jamie Sives ~~~ Apostle John
  • Stephen Graham ~~~ Jesus Barabbas
  • Mark Lewis Jones ~~~ Apostle Marcus
  • Steve Morphew ~~~ Apostle Thaddaeus
  • Peter Sullivan ~~~ Temple Lawyer
  • Martin Hutson ~~~ Pilate’s Secretary
  • Eoin Geoghegan ~~~ Apostle
  • Munir Khairdin ~~~ Second Temple Guard
  • Eugene Wood ~~~ Apostle Bartholomew
  • Roger Ashton-Griffiths ~~~ Syrian Prefect
  • Simon Kassianides ~~~ Temple Guard
  • Gary Pillai ~~~ Merchant
  • Daniel Caltagirone ~~~ Eban
  • David Maybrick ~~~ Roman Seargent
  • Ross O’Hennessey ~~~ Roman Soldier
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