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The Penny

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CFDb Review!

Fantastic movie about how God works in our lives. See how a small thing like a penny could be a part of God’s ultimate plan.  The Penny strengthens the belief that everything happens for a reason even if we don’t always know what the reason is. Great soundtrack as well by Jurgen Beck.  Check out the CFDb Interview with Jurgen Beck as well.

Film Synopsis:

Six lives … one coin.

The Penny – Jack Carter, a former police officer, lost his partner in a shooting 10 years earlier. Little does he know that his past and present lives are about to come crashing together all because of one little penny. When Jack’s life intersects with five other people who also come in contact with the same ordinary coin, is God’s providence at work, or is it merely a surprising twist of fate?

Everyday problems overshadow the gradual intersection of the character’s paths, until a sudden event causes these six lives to converge in unexpected and thrilling ways. A moving drama about mistaking fate for faith, THE PENNY encourages viewers to look beyond the surface of the seemingly insignificant events of life and examine how God’s hand is actively involved in their lives.

Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence

  • Tom Lodewyck~~~ Jack Carter
  • Brian Morvant ~~~ Rick
  • Kyle Walters ~~~ Curt Jenkins
  • Molly Kunz ~~~ Kate Carter
  • Dan Bell ~~~ Dan White
  • Mario Andre ~~~ Darrell Watts
  • Amy Levenhagen ~~~ Jade Benson
  • Tiersa Ferraro ~~~ Laura Carter
  • Zack Newman ~~~ Jay Carter
  • Evan Newman ~~~ Timmy Carter
  • Rachael Lau ~~~ Shannon
  • Jan Mary Nelson ~~~ Jean White
  • Clarence Aumend ~~~ Baz
  • Edy Cullen ~~~ Becca
  • Kevin Croak ~~~ Police Chief
  • Mary Ann Raemisch ~~~ Jade’s Friend
  • Rick Ramirez ~~~ Thug
  • Jeff Kriesel ~~~ High School Jock
  • William P. Zenobia ~~~ Bartender
  • Michael Denk ~~~ Gunman
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The Penny, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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