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The Perfect Stranger

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Film Synopsis:

The man told the lawyer he was Jesus Christ. The lawyer decided to call his bluff. Nikki Cominsky is a successful attorney, troubled by the fact that her life isn’t perfect.

One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, “You are invited to Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth.” Thinking it’s a prank, she shows up, only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation, with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet.

Based on the best-selling novel, “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger” by David Gregory.

“The Perfect Stranger” Series!

No.1 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “The Perfect Stranger
No.2 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “Another Perfect Stanger
No.3 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “Nikki and the Perfect Stranger

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  • Pamela Brumley … Nikki Cominsky
  • Jefferson Moore … The Stranger
  • Tom Luce … Eduardo
  • Dennis Martin … Matt Cominsky
  • Stella Davis … Sarah Cominsky
  • Vin Morreale Jr. … Maitre’D
  • Melissa Combs … Woman in Bathroom
  • Leslie Kyle Hudson … Nikki at 13
  • Jerry Wallace … Lawyer
  • Cassandra Arza … Rachel
  • Mattew Chappell … Carlo
  • Christopher Chiarot … Office Executive
  • Monica Hardin … Restaurant Patron
  • Greg Smith … Restaurant Patron
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
Email: Email Contact
The Perfect Stranger, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. joe says
    24 June 13, 1:42pm

    Wow!i just watched this amazing movie yesterday,and it left me in tears!i felt as if it was speaking to me,that it was me & Jesus on that dinner.I was truly blessed.

  2. 27 August 13, 5:35pm

    This is a super great movie! Imagine an attorney defending her position with Jesus. Not just an attorney, but one with a chip on her shoulder because her marriage is becoming stale. And to make this attorney even more uneasy, she thinks her husband is surprising her with dinner at a restaurant, and it turns out to be this apparently crazy guy who thinks he is Jesus instead. When she starts to leave, the guy convinces her to stay and eat. The resulting conversation pits logic against truth. Little by little, all the black and gray is peeled away until all there is left is the white, the Light. And in the twinkling of an eye, the attorney recognizes the Light of the World for who He is, and her life is changed forever. It is an older movie, somewhat low budget. But if you haven’t seen it, you must. I completely believe that this movie could help lead an unbeliever to Christ. And the sequel, Another Perfect Stranger, is also a must see.

  3. Newton D'silva says
    11 January 16, 7:51pm

    It was by no coincidence that I just watched this movie with my wife. We were so touched and truly blessed. A beautiful movie and would say its the truth of life and not just a movie. Hope to have such kind of great good movies

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