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The Player’s Manual

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Film Synopsis:

In this intriguing episodic film series, “LEVI” takes you on a journey through the lives of familiar characters in today’s urban communities, but with an unfamiliar twist, illustrating with gritty reality the relevance of scripture to modern day life in the hood. In the end, The Player’s Manual is revealed to be the Holy Bible, and we present you with two tales from “The Player’s Manual”.

Episode 1: Romeo’s Story
Romeo (Gadison: Ray, Dukes of Hazard) is a true player in his own mind. He juggles multiple women and stays on 22’s. Life is a game, and Romeo knows how to play it. Or does he? Witness the triumphs and pitfalls of a “true player”.

Episode 2: Success
Sam Lopez (Huerta) and his cousin Freddy (Rodriguez) are just tired of being broke. Thus begins Sam’s journey to kingpin status, but is he smart enough to stay ahead of an obsessed FBI agent hot on his trail.

player's manual

  • Levi-Terrance Levi
  • Romeo- Tobi Gadison
  • Tiffany-Liz Rachelle
  • Lisa-Astrid Nora
  • Carl-Carl Cormier
  • Shawn-Shawn Scoggins
  • Angie-Nikki Donley
  • Diana-Danielle Jones
  • Sam-Angel Huerta
  • Freddy-Raul Rodriguez
  • Lil Freddy-Isaiah Levi
  • Ms Vasquez-Lorie Levi
  • Lamar-Lamar Manual
  • Pat-Pat Sneed
  • Alma-Alma Rodriguez
Company: Street Life Worldwide Inc.
Contact Person: Terrance Levi
Phone: 281-694-4670
Email: Email Contact

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