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The Price Of Fame

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The Price Of Fame

Film Description:

‘A Story of Redemption’

The Price of Fame is the story of professional wrestling legend ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase.In the 1980’s sports entertainment was becoming what the world was watching on Saturday mornings and on some Saturday nights. At the forefront of this was a character that knew that ‘Everybody Has a Price’. DiBiase along with his bodyguard Virgil took over the wrestling world. At the height of this character’s wrestling fame he had held multiple championships, including one that he bought!

However, backstage, the greatest wrestling match Ted DiBiase was having was with himself. He was a devoted family man, a pillar of his community, and a man who had faith. On the other side was a man that was ‘living the life’. He defined ‘Sex, Drugs and Professional Wrestling.’DiBiase was one of the most successful in his industry. He had amassed great fame and money, as well as a fictitious sense of reality. On one night after being out on the town all of this debauchery came to a head as his wife, Melanie, discovered her husband was not the man he claimed to be.

Knowing the values his father instilled in him, the commitment he was breaking, the role model he was failing to be and the person he had become, Ted DiBiase fought for his redemption. The Price Of Fame is told through the eyes of Ted’s son, former WWE Superstar, Ted DiBiase Jr. He journeys through pro wrestling’s past to find his father’s story and to find his own faith all over again.

Release Date: (Theatres) November 07, 2017
(VOD) December, 2017
(DVD) April 10, 2018!

Film Cast

  • Ted DiBiase … Himself
  • Ted DiBiase Jr. … Himself / Ted DiBiase Sr.
  • Roddy Piper … Himself
  • George ‘The Animal’ Steele … Himself
  • Harley Race … Himself
  • Jake Roberts … Himself
  • Shawn Michaels … Himself
  • Larry Pfohl … Himself
  • Bruce Prichard … Himself
  • Jim Ross … Himself
  • Gene Okerlund … Himself
  • Jim Duggan … Himself
  • Hal Santos … Himself
  • Tate DiBiase … Himself
  • Johnny Ova … Himself
  • Pat Patterson … Himself
  • Caitlyn Boyle … Girl in bar
  • Summer Myers … Girl in bar
  • Susan O’Dea … Girl in bar

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Film Details

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