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The Reckoning

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CFDb Review:

Favorite quote, “Kindness won’t get in the way, it keeps coming back”.  Don’t miss this long awaited conclusion.

The Reckoning

Film Description:

The Reckoning – The Powerful Conclusion to The Shunning and The Confession!

Katie Mayfield is now the mistress of Mayfield Manor, the estate passed down from her birth mother. In her new world she finds solace in honoring her mother’s memory and in love with Justin Wirth, the Director of her foundation.

Katie finds herself torn between two worlds and grieves for her plain Amish life. Unknown to Katie, Daniel Fisher, her lost love, makes a desperate attempt to find her. Does Katie choose her new life or the simple heritage she left behind? This is her great reckoning. Stars Katie LeClerc and Jacob Blair.

Release Date: (DVD) July 5, 2016

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No. 1 – “The Shunning
No. 2 – “The Confession
No. 3 – “The Reckoning

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Topic: Romance

The Reckoning - Christian Movie/Film, Beverly Lewis - Banner

The Reckoning - Christian Movie/Film, Beverly Lewis - Banner 3

The Reckoning - Christian Movie/Film, Beverly Lewis - Screenshot

The Reckoning - Christian Movie/Film, Beverly Lewis - Screenshot 3

The Reckoning - Christian Movie/Film, Beverly Lewis - Screenshot 4

The Reckoning - Christian Movie Film on DVD from Beverly Lewis - Book Cover

Film Cast

  • Katie Leclerc … Katie Lapp / Katherine Mayfield
  • Jacob Blair … Daniel Fisher
  • Chad Connell … Justin Wirth
  • Christopher Rosamond … Richard Davies
  • Rohan Campbell … Willie

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Believe Pictures Representative:
Phone: 949-858-4740 Fax: 949-858-4723
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

The Reckoning, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. valerie sears says
    12 May 13, 10:13pm

    could you please let me know when the reckoning by Beverly lewis will be available on dvd? also if there will be a hallmark movie coming up soon. we have so enjoyed the shunning and the confession. thank you. please e-mail the answers to my questions.

  2. CFDb says
    13 May 13, 6:23am

    We have no news right now, keep checking back, I will post info as soon as I get it. We also enjoyed watching these films on hallmark, they also show other Christian Films. The best way is keep checking their TV schedule. I will try to post here if I see films coming up, but I don’t post most films unless it’s the 1st time on TV. 🙂

    I would love to post all films coming on TV, I’m working on having a page like that, later down the road.

  3. Rhonda Wilkie says
    24 May 13, 7:27pm

    Please let me know when you will be airing the movie The Reckoning by Beverly Lewis. I can’t wait!

  4. Ann says
    13 June 13, 5:03pm

    I too would like to know when it comes out loved both the others…

  5. Annelie says
    13 June 13, 6:26pm

    The best way to find out is by signing up for the CFDb newsletter. Each month we tell what films are coming out that month.


  6. MimiVikki says
    15 June 13, 9:44pm

    I would like to receive emails of upcoming movies. Thank you.

  7. Annelie says
    16 June 13, 10:13am

    You would have to sing up for the CFDb Newsletter. There is a place to sign up on each page.


  8. Brett Aiken says
    17 June 13, 8:40am

    Please notify me when the reckoning will be airing or on DVD.

  9. Annelie says
    17 June 13, 9:27am

    You can sign up for our newsletter and you will receive all the upcoming Christian films coming out for that month. We don’t have a notification system set up other than the newsletter.


  10. Ted Capps says
    24 June 13, 10:25pm

    How do you sign up for the newsletter?


  11. Margie Billig says
    25 June 13, 6:40am

    I want to buy the film the Reckoning and would like to know when it will be shown on The Halmark channel. Please tell me when it will be shown. I want to buy the DVD.

  12. Annelie says
    25 June 13, 6:51am

    We aren’t sure of the release date yet.


  13. Annelie says
    25 June 13, 6:52am

    Just go to any page on the database and there is a newsletter sign up spot at the right side of each page.


  14. Barbara Orcutt says
    29 June 13, 5:20pm

    Please let us know when and if the Reckoning book will become a movie. the movie confession leaves us thinking there will be more movies. Thanks

  15. Annelie says
    01 July 13, 4:03am

    Yes, there is no release date yet.


  16. michelle says
    13 July 13, 12:03pm

    Is the Reckoning on dvd yet??

  17. Annelie says
    14 July 13, 10:09am

    No it’s not been released yet.


  18. Sabrina says
    20 July 13, 8:23pm

    I just want to say cant wait for part 3 ….. 🙂 I tell people they must watch the 1st one and stay with it in order to get to see the 2nd one . I got them both now on DVD can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  19. Julie Bradley says
    23 July 13, 8:53am

    I have read several of your books and recently saw “The Shunning” and “The Confession.” I anxiously await to see “The Reckoning.” I see by the posts here that it has not yet been released but would love to know when so I can watch it. Thank you for any advance notice you can give to me…


  20. CFDb says
    23 July 13, 9:44am

    Hi Julie, I agree the first two were really good and so many people are looking forward to number three. We will post the date as soon as we get it on the film page. The best way to know when this film and others are coming out is sign up for the CFDb newsletter, we list all upcoming films each month. This is a great way to know what’s coming out and when. 🙂 You can find the newsletter link on the home page or most other pages.

    02 August 13, 9:46am

    When the movie is out make it available to Nigerians audience. I wish to watch this movie, THE RECKONING. Also send the update of Christian movies to my mail. Thanks!

  22. Annelie says
    02 August 13, 9:48am

    When it comes out on DVD you can purchase it and have it shipped to you. You would have to sign up for our monthly newsletter in order to get the updates to your e-mail
    of upcoming Christian movies. You can sign up on any page on the database.


  23. Mary says
    15 August 13, 4:45am

    I would like to know when Christian movies are coming out. Thanks

  24. Annelie says
    15 August 13, 10:00am

    You can sign up to the monthly newsletter on any of the pages on the site – the first of each month we send a newsletter out that tells the upcoming films for that month. We also have a coming soon page on the site.


  25. Henrietta Boggs says
    25 August 13, 5:01pm

    Cannot wait to see The Reckoning. The first two films were amazing. I have watched them many times and I am anxious to see the 3rd movie.

  26. Eugene Moore says
    07 September 13, 5:15pm

    I would like to know if the Reckoning is going to be made into a movie or dvd? When will it be available?

  27. Annelie says
    08 September 13, 10:22am

    It will be shown on TV and then made on DVD. Just not sure of the dates yet.


  28. cheri keller says
    19 September 13, 10:40am

    does anyone know the name of the song that Katie sang and played guitar to at the very end of The Confession?

  29. Lisa R says
    23 September 13, 12:25am

    The song is called “Be Thou My Vision” It is a beautiful hymn!

  30. Charlee says
    19 October 13, 2:14pm

    What is the name of the song Katherine sang to her mom while she was dying? It was beautiful.

  31. Annelie says
    20 October 13, 6:51am

    The song is called “Be Thou My Vision” It is a beautiful hymn!

    Lisa R in a comment on this page answered this one. It’s one of my favorite hymns!


  32. Joan says
    21 October 13, 2:53am

    I saw both the shunnning and the confession on Hallmark . I had taped them ,not realizing that thee latter was the continuation of the former. I was so glad I did because the ending of the Shunning left little doubt that there was more to the story. At first I wasn’t sure if the Confession was the sequel because of the different actress that played the part of Katie, but once I realize it was—after the initial disappointment of the absence of Daniel Panabaker , I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the performance of the other actress–Katie Leclerc. I did wonder if all or most of the actors were born again christians. I am looking forward to ” The Reckoning”. Even though I saw them on Hallmark movie channel it would be good to see them again without the commercials, so I will be getting the DVD’s

  33. sue says
    01 November 13, 6:09pm

    When is the 3rd movie, The Reckoning coming out?

  34. Annelie says
    03 November 13, 8:45am

    I wish I knew – can’t seem to find out when the release is. Looking forward to this one!


  35. Marianne Hendriks says
    11 November 13, 7:37am


    Ook wij willen graag op de hoogte gehouden worden als de dvd uit is.

    Dank u wel.

    Grt. Familie Hendriks

  36. Annelie says
    11 November 13, 8:51am

    Heb je in de gaten om te weten te komen, de enige andere manier om dit te bereiken is volg ons Facebook wij zullen schreeuwen outs over wanneer het uitkomt.

  37. VICKIE says
    25 January 14, 6:01pm

    I to can’t wait for the reckoning, by Lewis. The shunning & the confession so good. I have read all 3 books. VICKIE

  38. Tiana says
    26 February 14, 7:22pm

    Is the reckoning out yet??? PLEASE SAY YES!

  39. Tiana says
    26 February 14, 7:23pm

    Is the reckoning out yet?

    Or when is it coming out?

    Any other good ones other than the confession or the shunning??

  40. CFDb says
    27 February 14, 4:32am

    Sorry, there is no date yet, will post as soon as we get it, not sure what’s taking so long.

  41. CFDb says
    27 February 14, 4:35am

    Sorry, there is no date yet, will post as soon as we get it, not sure what’s taking so long.

    As far as other movies like this one, have you seen, Amish Grace or Saving Sarah Cain?


  42. Lori says
    03 March 14, 11:36am

    Is there any update as to when The Reckoning movie may be released either on DVD or the Hallmark Channel? WE Are eagerly awaiting this movie!

  43. Annelie says
    03 March 14, 2:40pm

    We wish – everyone is looking forward to this one – as soon as we hear something we’ll update the page.


  44. sabrina says
    08 March 14, 1:39pm

    I heard the movie will be filmed later this year no word yet … ugh …. come on we want 3

  45. July(Julie) says
    02 April 14, 10:07pm

    Hi Im 11 yrs old and Im christian too pls tell me when the movie comes out I watched the other two and they made me cry I pit them in my top ten list♥

  46. CFDb says
    03 April 14, 5:30am

    We sure will, we will post the Release date here on the film page as soon as we get it and do a shout out, you are not alone, many people want to see this one. 🙂

  47. Rose Mary Mokhtar says
    02 May 14, 3:54pm

    Do you have a release date for the Reckoning movie on Hallmark ?
    Thank you. I appreciate your response.

  48. lilli says
    03 May 14, 7:14pm

    When is it coming out???????????????????????????

  49. Annelie says
    04 May 14, 7:14am

    Wish we knew…

  50. LLuvia Robles says
    16 May 14, 2:12pm

    Nos gustaron mucho estas películas Dios Bendiga al autor y actores un dia nos desvelamos hasta casi
    las 2:00 a.m. Viendo las primeras dos y estamos esperando la 3 y si es posible la 4

  51. Robert says
    19 May 14, 6:15pm

    When is “The Reckoning” by Beverly Lewis going to be released on DVD?

  52. Annelie says
    20 May 14, 6:33am

    Still no release date that we know of yet.


  53. Pam says
    02 June 14, 4:32pm

    Thought the Shunning and The confession were both good. Am looking forward to the final part but I do wish they would not have altered the book so much.

  54. Cherie says
    06 June 14, 8:42pm

    Are you getting any closer of knowing when the reckoning (Sequel to the confession) will come out as a movie or on dvd? My granddaughter and I want to see it so badly.

  55. Annelie says
    08 June 14, 8:22am

    Nope – just as curious as you at to when this is coming out. SOOO looking forward to it.


  56. Nadia says
    29 June 14, 2:20am

    I signed up on the newsletter…. So I should be receiving info on part 3 airing right?

  57. Annelie says
    29 June 14, 8:31am

    Yes – definitely – once we find out about it.


  58. 18 July 14, 4:44pm

    Please let me know when the reckoning will be out on dvd I love movies by any amish writer I try to get all I canp

  59. 18 July 14, 4:47pm

    Im going to get the book so I know what happened. But would still love the dvd

  60. Annelie says
    20 July 14, 8:28am

    You can sign up for the newsletter where we would post when it’s coming out on that month it does come out.


  61. karla&katie says
    22 July 14, 3:46am

    Terminando d ver. ” la confesión” (2:45) y ya quiero ver la tercera parte por favor
    Q no tardé, excelentes películas!!!

  62. karla&katie says
    22 July 14, 3:48am

    Excelente peliculas, quiero ver ya la tercera parte
    Por favor no tarden!!!

  63. Maggie Johnson says
    25 July 14, 6:19pm

    Can you please put me on the mailing list for monthly movie schedule. I too am anxiously awaiting “The Reckoning” to be aired on Hallmark Channel and/or come out on DVD. Will have to figure out how to tune into the Hallmark Channel using my computer.

  64. Annelie says
    27 July 14, 5:34am

    Hi Maggie – just go to the home page on the database and sign up for the newsletter there. If you have any problems, please let me know.


  65. Sabrina says
    29 July 14, 8:55pm

    hi everyone Beverly told me the movie will be film this fall and will be out next year sometime . That is what she said no idea who gonna be in it prob the same ones off 2

  66. Micah says
    21 August 14, 10:58pm

    Who are the actors and actresses that are going to be in this movie? Is it the same ones as from The Confession?

  67. Annelie says
    22 August 14, 7:46am

    It should be the same actors but as soon as we know for sure we’ll update the page.


  68. Betty Walker says
    06 September 14, 10:21am

    can’t wait

  69. Betty Walker says
    06 September 14, 10:23am

    can’t wait for The Reckoning to be released

  70. Kassandra says
    21 December 14, 7:54pm
  71. Rachel says
    03 March 15, 5:52pm

    Really loved the first part “The Shunning”
    Just wish they would have kept the same actress..the first Katie fit the part so much better.. when I watched the second part
    “The Confession” I wasnt as moved & into it…made it harder to follow..because she seemed more English …. & that took away from the first part.
    But… im still a fan & cant wait to see part 3

  72. D says
    13 March 15, 11:08pm

    Please let us know when the last one is supposed to be on tv as soon as anyone hears anything! This is crazy to see people have been waiting over two years now for the final installment!!! They need to hurry up and show it already! I saw somewhere that it was supposed to come out this month so let’s hope that happens. We should have seen some type of preview or announcement by now if that was the case though, right? I’m getting kinda worried that we might have to wait longer if we haven’t heard anything by now. : / Hopefully it comes out soon. Please post on here if anyone knows anything. Thanks! 🙂

  73. Annelie says
    15 March 15, 11:22am

    Hallmark said not yet but they would let us know.


  74. Amy says
    13 May 15, 1:37pm

    No info on IMDB about this movie. Will it even be filmed at this point?

  75. Annelie says
    13 May 15, 1:42pm

    Yes – it is for sure – I think they just ran into some delays. Hallmark assured me it is coming out.


  76. Kayleigh says
    26 August 15, 5:40am

    The facebook group; Beverly Lewis’ The Confession Movie, announced this 12 hours ago:

    NEWS UPDATE!! Filming in Calgary, AB, is complete on Beverly Lewis’ The Reckoning, starring Katie LeClerc. According to Executive Producer and screenwriter Brian Bird, audience members will need to have a box of Kleenex ready for the world premiere, October 18, on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. “This is the best possible way for us to wrap up the Heritage of Lancaster County trilogy of films, and Katie Lapp’s final journey is a 5-hankie movie, I guarantee it,” reports Bird.

  77. Chris says
    13 October 15, 2:54pm

    What is the name of the song or hymn Katherine is singing to her mother while she is dying? Its very pretty
    Thank you

  78. Jennifer l peters says
    16 October 15, 12:08am

    Where can I buy the reckoning, I’ve been waiting impatiently!!! Thanks

  79. Annelie says
    16 October 15, 7:38am

    Not yet – since it just came out on TV it may be another couple of months.

  80. Tammy says
    20 October 15, 6:25am

    It came out oct 11 2015 and I missed it bummer

  81. Annelie says
    20 October 15, 10:35am

    True – but it should be on again and then maybe on DVD in a couple of months.

  82. Hope says
    29 October 15, 12:43pm

    When will The Reckoning be available to buy on DVD? Please email me the answer. Thanks!

  83. Annelie says
    30 October 15, 10:00am

    Good question – not sure yet

  84. Marlena R. says
    01 November 15, 4:44pm

    I was wondering if anyone knows when it will be available on dvd for purchase.

  85. Tim says
    25 November 15, 9:01pm

    Release date in March 201644

  86. ken says
    09 December 15, 7:59pm

    when will this be out on dvd? my wife wants it for Christmas

  87. Annelie says
    10 December 15, 9:13am

    Sorry – April 4, 2016

  88. rodrigue says
    21 January 16, 11:37pm

    is the reckoning ill be play on french TV in 2016 , and the DVD can we select the french language ?
    sorry for my english!
    thanks for your answers .

  89. Annelie says
    22 January 16, 10:53am

    I don’t know the answer to that question. Hopefully someone else will know the answer. Otherwise you may have to wait until the DVD comes out and maybe it will have French Subtitles.

  90. Susana says
    06 February 16, 2:31pm

    I would love to know the name of the song that daniel fisher and katie lapp sing.

  91. 19 July 16, 2:05pm

    I really loved stories of The Heritage of Lancaster County and I’m a very big fan of Beverly Lewis I have at least 30 of her books and I can sit and read them over and over again But tell Beverly Lewis to send me emails and newsletters so I can get them in my inbox right away Thank you so very much and have a real nice day I’m looking forward to hear from you right away and thanks again and may God bless you each and everyday

  92. Desiree says
    27 August 16, 9:10pm

    Hello Vicki, very sorry for the delay in reply. I have searched up her website for you and have found you the page here for signing up to her mailing list / newsletters. Hope this is what you were looking for, have a very nice day as well!


  93. roy cleary says
    22 January 17, 1:05pm

    Who wrote and sang the songs in this movie ? Why wasn’t it noted in the credits?

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