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The Resurrection of Malchus

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The Resurrection of Malchus

Film Description:

The Resurrection of Malchus – Dirk is an absolute mess. Norma, his first wife wouldn’t accept his loan-sharking activities and left him. His second and much younger wife Virginia is alienated from him after a horrific accident, caused by Dirk’s drunk driving, which puts his son DJ in a wheelchair. To top it off, Frank, his father, is dying of cancer.

Dirk is hoping that one thing will go right for him. When his best friend Joey offers him a chance to get into “the organization,” he thinks he has finally caught a break, but he finds out the cost of membership is that he has to whack someone. Dirk plunges into depression and darkness. To make matters even worse, he is plagued by an intense pain in his ear which doctors cannot explain or alleviate.Madame Cassandra, a street psychic, offers him a possible explanation, so he reluctantly agrees to a reading which connects his pain to a previous life. She suggests that he visit a psychotherapist, Dr. Johanson, who agrees to regress him to try to uncover the source of his pain.
The past life regression takes him back to when he was Malchus, the thug during the First Century.  Complications continue as Dirk returns to an even more confusing modern world.  The pain in his ear returns and a second regression to the First Century is attempted. This time he finds himself about to arrest Jesus at Gethsemane. In the ensuing arrest Peter draws his sword and Malcus’ ear is cut off, but Jesus has compassion on him and heals his ear. What ensues after Dirk returns to his mobster world, armed with a new focus, is a tribute to the amazing power of redemption!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Parental Warning!

The Resurrection of Malchus, Screen shot

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  1. Bill Hammell says
    05 August 13, 1:44pm

    Creepy. A “Christian” movie with Psychics and Reincarnation not rebuked? I think not.

  2. Bill Hammell says
    05 August 13, 1:45pm

    I hope I’m wrong, and that Dirk is just shown Malchus’ life and redemption?

  3. mike says
    10 August 13, 11:15pm

    I have to say I am a bit shocked to see a so called Christian movie that includes psychics and hynotherapists who conduct past life regressions all of which part of Witchcraft and the Occult….has Satan finally found entrance here as well? Shame on this site for promoting this film!!!!!

  4. Annelie says
    11 August 13, 10:17am

    We are a database of Christian films whether they are promoting as Christian films as well. We haven’t seen this film so we cannot say how these tie in with the film. Have you seen the film? If you have, we can put a warning on the film that it’s not a Christian film. Some movies start out with evil and end up with the power of Christ.


  5. Charles says
    04 November 13, 7:06pm

    I guess Bill and Mike would reject Jesus because of the company he kept. Not for children ! I appreciated the film. Thanks

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