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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Sneak Preview
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CFDb Review:

Check out the interview with David Wood on Sonoma Christian Home.

Film Synopsis:

The Resurrection is Bible-based and will tell the story after Jesus’ crucifixion, his burial and His resurrection from the dead as well as the accounts of the witnesses who encountered him on earth before His ascendance to Heaven. The film will be shot in Israel and produced at the highest level of film-making quality with a world class script, an A-level production team, top-notch casting and actors, and a second to none music composer and marketing team.

On the opening weekend of the film’s worldwide release it will not only be shown in movie theaters, but we will also stream it live to churches, homes, schools, hand-held devices, such as Smart phones, tablets, computers, and lap tops around the globe. By using this streaming technology this will be a major feature film release on a worldwide scale that has never been done before.

Every aspect of this film relies on the direction of God through prayerful discernment and the faith of a unified team of believers.

Release Date: (Theaters) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!


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Ron Kardashian … Peter ***
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Phone: (310) 717-4164
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  1. jerry says
    10 April 12, 2:46pm

    when showing viedo The Resurrection? when come up soon!! THANK U 😉

  2. Annelie says
    10 April 12, 3:24pm

    This film may not be actually out for quite some time. We will update the page when the production actually begins.
    You can also sign up for our newsletter. At the beginning of each month we will list the films that are coming out for that month.


  3. Alex Murashko says
    28 April 12, 10:58am

    Be sure to like on Facebook!

  4. Paddy O'Kelly says
    05 March 13, 9:31am

    Will Jim Caviezel act the role of Yeshua again like he did in the Passion of the Christ film?

  5. Annelie says
    05 March 13, 9:42am

    I’m sure that is the plan but we haven’t heard anything official yet. That would be great though!


  6. mira says
    31 March 13, 12:01pm

    cannot wait for the release.
    Christ the King ~ the world needs more of him!

  7. mira says
    31 March 13, 12:02pm

    Cannot wait for the release.

    its what the world needs more of.

    Christ the King… almighty Lord

  8. nicole says
    21 August 13, 11:10am

    i want to bee part of this movie where is going to be the casting?
    or where do i get information about this?
    thank you i will really aprecciate that God bless all of you

  9. Annelie says
    21 August 13, 11:27am

    You will have to contact the film company to find out more information.


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