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The Return of Heart

Sneak Preview
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The Return of Heart

Film Description:

The Return of Heart – The movie tells a story about two young people in the underclass and their rough experiences that lead them to know God.

The trailer begins with the rising melody of the hymn, The Return of Heart.(XinDeHuiGui in Chinese, a very famous hymn) It presents the story that a male migrant worker, named Zhong Jiawang and a woman, Foot Massager from the same rural village struggle in the worldly and corrupt reality. They are despised by surrounding villagers and through their sufferings they finally come to know God and return their heart to church.

CCD interviewed the director, Zhu Haochang, who is also the leading actor in the movie. To our surprise, Zhu confesses that he is a Buddhist, interested in Christianity. He shares that his friend, the producer of the movie, invited him to attend a church in Yunnan. Upon hearing the Chinese hymn The Return of Heart, he was so moved and touched.

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Christian Movie/Film "The Return of Heart" from Zhu Haochang

The Buddhist director Zhu Haochang plays the leading actor in the Christian Movie/Film “The Return of Heart”

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