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The River Within

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)

Film Synopsis:

“What am I doing here?”

It is a question that has haunted Jason (Josh Odor) ever since he heard his dad utter it prior to his death several years ago. Now, fresh out of law school, and with an upcoming bar exam to prepare for, the highly motivated and strictly disciplined Jason returns to the small Southern town he grew up in to spend the summer studying.

He reconnects with Paul (Craig Luttrell) – a “shoulda been” actor who has just returned from Los Angeles, and Layla (Jaclyn Friedlander) – an old friend whose childhood crush on Jason returns with his sudden reemergence, sending her engagement into a tailspin. But it is a chance-encounter with David (Craig Morris) – a pastor at a local church – that changes his life forever.

David offers Jason a part time summer job as a youth director, and he reluctantly accepts it caving into the pressure from Layla and the need for some extra summer cash. But as he gets to know the kids and their individual struggles, he gradually discovers a passion that he didn’t know existed within him and he soon realizes that his dad’s life-long question has now become his own.

  • Josh Lauri … Jason
  • Craig Luttrell … Paul
  • Jaclyn Friedlander … Layla
  • Craig Morris … Pastor David
  • Maurice Mejia … Marcus
  • Geoff Falk … Mr. Blayton
  • Thomas Moore … Michael
  • Lydia Ditto … Melinda
  • Natalie Smith … Nicole
  • Jan Falk … Cindy
  • Sarah Hill … Amanda the Waitress
  • Staci Harmon … Alli
  • Jan Ainley … Alli’s Mom
  • Andrew Webb … Justice
  • Harold Williams … Mr. Collins
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The River Within, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Annelie says
    18 November 11, 3:18pm

    THE RIVER WITHIN – A very powerful Christian film and an eye opener for anyone professing Christianity. What are we here for? How do we stand for Christ? Do we really love others or are we just going through the motions? A MUST SEE!


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