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The Save

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Film Synopsis:

Set in a baseball park at night, The Save begins when all of the stadium field lights snap on. The stadium is empty, excepting Robert, a nervous young man who stands on the pitcher’s mound. Behind him, the scoreboard reads “Home: 6 Away: 7 – Bottom of the 9th.” Robert feels the rosin bag and lets it drop to the dirt in a plume of dust. He looks to the empty stands, and back at home.

He stares down the plate and throws. The crack of a bat echoes through the stadium, the ball flies high into the air, and a plume of dust rises around first base as an invisible baserunner takes first.

Shaken, Robert looks to the stands: no one. He throws a second pitch. Crack! The ball shoots past his legs. He looks to the outfield as dust rises around first and second base.

Robert looks to the stands: no one. His anger builds until he yells as he hurls the ball towards home for another pitch. Crack. The ball bounces somewhere between second and third. Crushed, Robert collapses on the mound. He breaks down and begins punching at the dirt.

Enter Abraham, an elderly field groomer out in right field. He watches Robert who punches furiously at the dirt until he cries out, stops punching, and begins to sob – a moment of catharsis. Abraham leans his rake against the outfield fence and walks towards the seats.

Robert hears the scuff of a foot on concrete and looks up to see the frail Abraham laboriously making his way up the stairs to the stands. Robert looks around: the stadium is still empty – it’s just him and Abraham. Robert is obviously confused. Abraham reaches a row of seats, stops, and then turns around. What happens next is truly touching… and I hope you get to see it in The Save.

Included along with the short film in the DVD package is a complementary discussion guide (top right) crafted to aid in group discussions, a fascinating e-book on the miraculous making of both the film and the filmmaker (bottom right), the promotional video, promotional video outtakes, bloopers, and a director’s commentary (middle right).

  • Kennett Altidor ~~~ Robert
  • Bob Emery ~~~ Abraham
Company: WarCry Entertainment
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