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The Second Coming

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CFDb Review!

A docu-drama that end time event lovers will enjoy! See CFDb Blog about this movie! CFDb Blog!

Film Synopsis:

This motion picture touches on the truth of Christ’s return to this earth in both aspects of the Second Advent. From the rapture to His return in power and glory with His saints.

A young man interested only in the world and its seeming satisfaction is the underlying story line of this film. He dreams of missing the rapture and the truth thunders into his soul that his mother and his pastor were right all along. The tragedy of being left behind in his mind brings him to church and a positive response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many great scenes of biblical promise are depicted in this motion picture. Saints coming from the graves and others taken from the field in a moment, the twinkling of en eye! Even Christ returning in the clouds, on a white horse, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords is gloriously and grandly visualized.

Fran Pultro … Roger Morgan
Jim Watson … Pastor Dillon
Jac Zaca … Dimitri
Cecil Scaife … The King
John Calvert … The Narrator
Ed Moates … Captain Samadi
Viola Walden … Mrs. Dillon
Ron English … Assistant Pastor
G.W. Jones … Abraham
Asa Jay Ambrister … Isaac
Bill Brittian … William Hathaway
Joseph Jones … Daniel
Tim Green … Pastor Hargrave
Tom Kidd … Pilate
Vaughn Denton … Arioch
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The Second Coming, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Tim says
    09 May 12, 6:08pm

    The producer of both films was June Ormond. June had an interesting and varied film background. She worked in the Ziegfield Follies. She played the Pallidium in London. She acted in films with Bob Hope, Red Skeleton, John Wayne & everybody else of that ilk. She married her husband and they did made most of the Lash LaRue films and also toured with the Three Stooges. June lived well into her 90s and made commercials and worked on films in Nashville until months before she passed. The made several B Movies in the 50’s and 60’s. When they were converted to Christianity in the early 1970’s they spent the next decade and a half making religious films for church showings. Tim

  2. Annelie says
    09 May 12, 6:25pm

    That’s amazing, thanks for sharing that information Tim.


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