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The Sins of the Fathers

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The Sins of the Fathers

Film Description:

The Sins of the Fathers – is a work of fiction based on the generational healing deliverance ministry run by Rev. Jim Ball and Rev. Charles Glantzberg at Holy Apostles Charismatic Episcopal Church in Westminster,  MD.  It is also based on Dr. Kenneth McAll’s book, “Healing the Family Tree”, Fr. John Hampsh’s Book, “Healing Your Family Tree”, Patricia Smit’s book , “From Generation to Generation: A Manual for Healing”, as well works by John and Paula Sandford, Henry Gruver and others.

The film is in the mystery/suspense genre and centers around a woman, Jenna Forde, who begins to experience troubling dreams, visions and temptations shortly after moving into an old house in historic Uniontown, MD. The question that Jenna has to answer is: Are her terrors psychological or spiritual in nature?

The director’s goal is two-fold: 1) To provide dramatic entertainment for Christians that is built on a Christian world view while portraying the Church in a positive but realistic light, and 2) To make the general public aware of the spiritual realities of curses, the demonic and power of deliverance.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

“The Sins of the Fathers” was one of the winners for The Red Carpet Premier at The Kingdomwood Film Festival 2013.
It will be shown on closing night October 6th at 6:30pm.

  • Ben Nichols              RICHARD CUTTING
  • Jenna Forde             JULIE SILCOTT
  • Dean Forde              JONATHON RUCKMAN
  • Rebecca Nichols      SHARON GRAVES
  • Fr. Paul                   RACER X
  • Helen Kottler            REBECCA LANGLOIS
  • Grandpa Glenn         TOM BETTENDORF
  • Kat Nichols              LAURA BALL
  • Danny Forde            OLIVIA WELLING
  • Patrick Forde           PETER SILCOTT
  • Samantha Nichols    EMILY RUTH BALL
  • Jack                        ANDREW VERGARA RETIZOS
  • Goby Jenkins           HAROLD ABLE
  • Bp. Andreii               TOM TEMPLETON


  • Karen                       SHARON TEMPLETON
  • Pete                         FRANK  LAMA
  • Wilson/Slave             CHARLES ROBINSON,  JR.
  • Dr. Merriman             BRIAN KORZEC
  • Hannah                     HANNAH FISHER
  • Joseph                      TROY CARVER
  • Jason                        LUKE FISHER
  • Desk Nurse               SANDRA MARTIN
  • Dr. Minkin                 THOMAS FISHER
  • Jane                         CAROLYN BALL
  • Jane’s Mom               MARY ANN WELLING
  • Ballet Instructor          KALEN WORKMAN
  • News Anchor              MARY BETH MARSDEN
Company: Stone Road Pictures
Contact Person: Julie Silcott
Phone: 410-215-2786
Email: Email Contact

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