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The Sound of the Spirit

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CFDb Review!

This film blessed me! It was unique and enjoyable. Pleasantly surprised.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

The Sound of the Spirit

Film Description:

The Sound of the Spirit is about a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl named Rivka. It tells the story of how she overcomes her grief over the death of her parents to shine with the light of her Messiah before her aunt, uncle, and the traditional Jewish Synagogue they attend.

At first, in the face of disappointments and misunderstanding, Rivka withdraws from her commitment to complete her bat mitzvah training at the synagogue. But she eventually learns that her calling, like Esther’s of old, is to hear “The Sound of the Spirit” and follow God’s call to be a blessing.

(Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence)

  • Anna Lasbury … Margolis – Rivka
  • Rob Weidenfeld … Sidney
  • Faith Yesner … Jackie
  • Lina Willard … Rhena
  • Rob Deas … Margolis, Marty
  • Matt Hodges … Nicky Blavitz
  • Jim Dougherty … Posner, Eric
  • Craig LaFuse … Kahn, Rabbi
  • Russell Dewitt … Cohen, Yosi
  • Bob McGuire … Stein, Rabbi
  • Courtney Krauter … Karyn
  • Stan Solomon … Shuster
  • Glenna Reinhardt … Secretary
  • R. Anderson White … Mr. Blavitz
  • Christine Filutze … Sarah’s Mother
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The Sound of the Spirit, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Bill Hammell says
    01 May 12, 4:49pm

    Bridgestone Multimedia will distribute this on DVD late summer 2012

  2. 17 October 13, 6:53pm

    CFDB’s review is right on target, so I won’t repeat what has already been said. This movie deserves fives stars for several reasons.

    The first is it helps people like me to understand, who really didn’t understand, that messianic Judaism from the standpoint of focus and worship is culturally not really like “gentile” church. When I was younger I attended a church that was pastored and staffed by messianic Jews. I thought I was attending a messianic Jewish church, but I wasn’t really. In this movie I loved seeing that little glimpse of the messianic synagogue.

    The second thing is that contained a good snapshot of home life in a Jewish home. The script captured perfectly the sense of humor, gentle love and concern for family and deep commitment to culture that is observed in the Jewish home.

    Finally, throughout the movie, I could see and sense the great love that God has for Israel. Through Rivka, through the memory of her Dad, through the questioning intellect and logic of the traditional Jews and through circumstance that could not have been without meaning, God gave little hints and clues and that spoke of Jesus.

    Anyway, loved it! Good acting, directing and videography too.

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