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The Stranger

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Film Synopsis:

This entertaining series uses stories and episodes from the Bible to dramatize the provocative question, what would happen if Jesus were living among us today? From a young man who runs away from home and ends up on the streets (the prodigal son) to an atheistic radio talk show host who ridicules the faith of his listeners (doubting Thomas), the show’s characters reveal the relevance the Bible’s teachings still hold for life in the 20th century.


  1. The Woman At The Well: A woman (Stephanie Vickers) struggles with the concept of ‘not being perfect’ because both her church and her family disapprove of her lifestyle.
  2. The Prodigal Son: A young man (Brad Jackson) turns his back on a family fortune to “find his way in the world” and winds up sleeping in an alley.
  3. Mary And Martha: Two sisters (Christina Browder and Pattie Crawford) with very different outlooks run a family diner in rural Alabama.
  4. Salt: A grad student (Amy Hess) faces a daily challenge in the form of an outspoken professor (Percy Metcalf) and his agnostic viewpoints.
  5. Thomas: A boorish radio talk show host (Tom Luce) in Chicago berates his listeners on a nightly basis; tonight’s topic: “The Insanity of Faith”.
  6. Mary Magdalene: A conservative senator (Melissa Combs) is reluctant about casting the deciding vote on a landmark abortion bill.
  7. Walk On Water: A teenager (Alexis L. Hughes) grows weary of being harrassed for her beliefs by a mean-spirited classmate (Leslie Kyle) and her cronies.

“The Perfect Stranger” Series!

No.1 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “The Perfect Stranger
No.2 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “Another Perfect Stanger
No.3 in the “The Perfect Stranger” series – “Nikki and the Perfect Stranger

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  • Jefferson Moore … The Stranger
  • Pattie Crawford … Bus Stop Woman
  • Shane Sooter … The Dark Man
  • Alexis Hughes … Jordan
  • Jerry L. Wallace … Businessman
  • Christina Fougnie … Soccer Player
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
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The Stranger, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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