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The Taker

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Joshua has moved his family to the Valley, to begin a new peaceful farm life. But it isn’t the paradise Joshua had in mind; shortly after their arrival, the Taker makes its annual raid on the Valley and takes Joshua’s daughter, Lana. Joshua then swears that he will be prepared to protect his family when the Taker comes next year. He finds anyone who will train him to use a sword to defend his family. In the process, he begins to become bent on revenge over the protection of his family, and this changes him into a battle-hardened man. When he returns home, he is barely recognizable by his family, completely focused on his weapons and the battle to come. His wife, Kara, confronts him about how she noticed his vengeful change. Joshua continues to struggle with this inner conflict, of why he is actually going to fight the Taker. The next day, the Taker makes it’s raid…

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  • Bradley Michael – Joshua
  • Jennifer Sulkowski – Kara
  • Sophie Bolen – Jane
  • Elisha Swanson – The Taker
  • Mahfuz Rahman – Blacksmith
  • Keith Schloemp – Dan
Company: White Shore Films
Contact Person: Josiah Swanson
Phone: 231-450-0911
Email: Email Contact

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