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The Thief In The Night

Sneak Preview
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The Thief In The Night

Film Description:

Grace, a runaway faced with the wounding memories of her past is sought out by a dark entity who lives to steal, kill and destroy. Grace finds out that she’s not alone in what appears to be a trapped end, for there is still One who seeks to save that which was lost.

(NOTE: This is not a remake of “A Thief in the Night”, hence the “The” in our film’s title)

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA

  • Christina Fleming             “Grace”
  • Yan Tkach                       “Christ Character”
  • Ross Cooper                    “satan Character”
  • Billy Fernandez                “Dan”
  • Amanda Cook                  “Emma”
  • Avery Lambert                  “Young Grace 1”
  • Hayley Mcdivitt                 “Young Grace 2”
  • Aaron Crawford                 “Victor”
  • Reema Moosa                  “Niki”
  • Victoria Anderson             “Young Niki”
  • Tom Newman                   “Client”
  • Peter Guenther                 “Medic 1”
  • Jazmine Branch                “Medic 2”
  • Kaitlin Van Hassel             “Extra 1”
  • Rebecca Riley                   “Extra 2”
  • Emily Yeo                         “Extra 3”
  • Alina Medina                     “Extra 4”
  • Michtam Medina                “Extra 5”
  • Courtney Kirby                   “Extra 6”
  • Michael Faix                      “Extra 7”
  • Christopher Kallstrom         “Extra 8”
  • Andrea Meza                     “Extra 9”
Company: Daniel 6:27 Productions
Contact Person: Daniel Medina Jr.
Email: Email Contact

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