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The Unknown Shepherds

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

A look at the positive impact of the pastor who faithfully guides his people year after year.

As someone who has been raised in church, attended a Christian college, and active in ministry I have met many pastors. Unfortunately, in a world of celebrity everything, from chefs to pastors, the man behind the pulpit can be overlooked.

Many dedicated men of God will work year after year to shepherd his flock and receive little to no recognition. They do however receive quite a few potshots from those in their congregation who are just never quite satisfied.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce HH Films first documentary project, “The Unknown Shepherd” is meant to take a look at what the true impact is of the pastor who is faithful without fame. In this documentary I’ll explore the role of the pastor, the lives affected by their work, and what the congregation can do to help encourage them.

If you’re interested in this project you can help in several ways.

1) Your prayers for this are greatly appreciated. Pray for the interviews, the quality, finances, and the producers. This is my first film and I have much to learn so your prayers for patience and God to place knowledgeable people in my path to help with this project.

2) Spread the word. Lord willing this project will release this fall. With your help by telling all your friends about this project we can have a really exciting launch and encourage many pastors and congregations.

3) Donate. If you believe in this project you are more than welcome to support it financially. There are many costs from equipment to travel and every little bit helps.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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