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The Waiting Room

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

A thousand years has passed since a small diner was blown up in Florida. In a small room with no doors or windows, five of the victims wake up. The only thing they have is a fading memory of who they were and the clothes on their backs. They are all confused and their conflicting conversations among themselves produce no result in getting them closer to the truth. A messenger appears and offers the first glimpse of what is to come.

They are in the Waiting Room. A place that exist between death and the afterlife. Apparently there are two destinations in the afterlife which has to be decided by the Judge known to some as Jesus the Messiah and to others as just an historical myth.

In this room, beliefs will be challenged. Who is the true God? Is it Allah, Sellasie or Self? In this room, all roads collide; in this room all gods meet; in this room every knee will bow to the one true living God.

The Waiting Room takes a fictitious look at the judgment when all life on earth ceases to exist. It is then that our actions will be brought into account and the destiny of the souls of all men will be decided by He who created all.


Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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The Waiting Room, Long photo

Extreme Christian Entertainment

  • Jessica Handshoe – Faith, The Prostitute who got saved
  • Silvio Wolf Busch – Michael the Sinner
  • Angela Duggins – Maria, the Lukewarm Christian
  • Matthew “TKVRPRJCT” Adams – Kevin the Rastafarian
  • Brittanie MacLean – Jane
  • Brenda Jo Reutebuch – Michael’s Momma
  • Taylor Fowler – AliAnna, Marlon’s Sister
  • Michael Loos- Pastor
  • Sheila Mudd Baker – Church Secretary/Muslim/Angel/Extra
  • Cyndy Allen – Bella, Maria’s mother
  • Sheila Gardner – The Messenger
  • Gerald McGee – Jesus/Voice
  • Odell Arthur – Rafik, Jane’s husband
  • Michael Longwood Lothery – Marlon, Maria’s boyfriend
  • Nathan Lewis – Paul, Michael’s friend
  • Ricky Rakestraw – JUNIOR ex-Rasta man
  • Chris Singleton – (Faith’s former boss)
  • Didrik Davis – Satan
  • Jalen Russell – Demons
Company: Extreme Christian Entertainment
Contact Person:  Aaron Allen
Email: Email Contact

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  1. 28 March 12, 7:16am

    I am extremely blessed to be composer and part of the music team for THE WAITING ROOM movie. It contains such a timely and vital message for the body of christ. I feel this particular film will touch people lives like no other movie has ever done before! Thank you Aaron Allen for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my music with the world! We expect great things from the lord with this movie!

  2. 31 March 12, 8:32am

    I am very pleased to be involved in this project. Cannot wait to start filming. Hope this films gets some much due attention. Praying for some great impact on the world. God bless all involved.

  3. Annelie says
    01 April 12, 11:23am

    When it comes time to promote the film, keep us in mind. We have several advertising options, including some free ones as well!


  4. Brenda Jo Reutebuch says
    09 May 12, 6:08pm

    We are still in pre-production, but I cannot wait until we begin filming.
    I will be playing Michael’s momma.

  5. 03 November 12, 6:17pm

    We are getting closer to the start date of filming this great project. Please be in prayer for us all. I am sure that satan does not want this project published. Please pray for safety and for the spiritual battles that will surely be abounding. God is the Victor!!! Thanks.

  6. Gerald McGee says
    18 January 13, 9:30am

    Blessed and honored to be a part of this project. From the first read of the script I knew that I wanted to be a part of this. I cannot wait until filming begins…

  7. Jim Oyakhire says
    21 August 14, 6:43am

    I read through the script…its wonderful

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