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This Day Forward

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This Day Forward

Film Description:

Inspired by the true story of a wife and mother of three, struggling to keep her family and her faith intact after her husband is diagnosed with a stage three brain tumor.

Jen Jensen (Hayden Wyatt) slowly drags herself out of bed, just like she does every morning. She climbs over her 9-year-old daughter, just like she does every morning, reaches for her coffee maker at the head of her bed, just like she does every morning, taking the one moment she’ll get to herself all day to rub her eyes and armor up for the day ahead.

Every morning didn’t use to be like this.

She used to sleep next to her husband, Mike Jensen (Randy Coleman), and the first thing she would see when she opened her eyes was the love of her life, since childhood, bringing her a warm cup of coffee. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it has been two years since Mike was diagnosed with a stage three brain tumor. Since then, Mike has endured a lifetime’s worth of radiation, chemotherapy, steroids and a host of other treatment options that have decimated the once bold and charismatic husband, father, and gifted musician, sending him into fits of emotional distress and even dangerous rage.

Now unable to even sleep in the same bed as her husband, Jen is left to hold her family together, contested at every step by her oldest daughter, Aria (Kalen Blair), who lashes out as she struggles to cope with the loss of stability, her biggest fan, and one of her best friends. When family friend and bandmate,Erich (Chet Dixon), arrives for a special concert to celebrate Mike and how he has touched the lives of everyone in their community, Jen must confront her anger, and even her faith as she does her best to remember the times they’ve spent together and how God has done, and still has much to do, in their lives.

Release Date: (Theaters) 2018!

Film Cast

  • Hayden Wyatt … Jen Jensen
  • Randy Coleman … Mike Jensen
  • Chet Dixon … Erich
  • Kallen Blair … Aria

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Meriwether Productions Representative: Brian Ide
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