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Though None Go With Me

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CFDb Review!

Fabulous movie – a realistic look at Christianity in a time of war. Following Jesus no matter what happens! Easy to say, not easy to do! We highly recommend this movie.

Film Synopsis:

Though None Go With Me – It’s 1951 and America is caught in the Korean War, but a world away in a small town called Three Rivers, Elizabeth Leroy (Amy Grabow, General Hospital) is caught in her own personal struggle.

She longs to escape her small town life and set out in pursuit of a career but a twist of fate and the promise of true love forces her to stay. She meets the town’s new handsome and devout minister with whom she quickly falls in love and plans to marry but when he decides to leave for Korea to do God’s work, she is heartbroken.

The events that follow alter Elizabeth’s life forever and truly test not only her faith and inner strength but her resilience as well.

  • Cheryl Ladd … Elizabeth Bishop
  • Amy Grabow … Young Elizabeth Leroy
  • Denise Grayson … Older Sally
  • David Noroña … Will
  • Brad Rowe … Young Ben Phillips
  • Bruce Weitz … Will Bishop
  • Millie Perkins … Frances Childs
  • Emily Hardy … Young Frances Childs
  • Lindy Newton … Lisa
  • Peter White … Ben Philips
  • Christopher Allport … Dr. Leroy
  • Alan Feinstein … Dr. Delgado
  • George Wyner … Attorney Albert Browning
  • James Leo Ryan … Paralyzed Man
  • Darryl Armbruster … Nurse
  • Brent Bailey … Crying Soldier
  • Mark Craig … Rev. Harmon
  • Chase Ryan Jeffery … Richie
  • Mariana Klaveno … Carrie
  • Alan Ritchson … Army Officer
  • Ansley Rix … Young Sally
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Though None Go With Me, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Max Bosica says
    30 May 13, 2:37am

    dose the DVD menu/set up for “Though None Go with Me” includes also the italian language or only the english one?

  2. Annelie says
    30 May 13, 3:49pm

    It doesn’t say anything on the back cover that there is any language other than English. It does include a DVD Rom for the computer but it doesn’t say anything about language. Sorry.


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