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Till My Last Breath

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

This Film is a story about my Fiance. Her love and faith in God changed my life and the lives of her friends, family, and co workers. Till My Last Breath chronicles the events that accord during our final moments together. God was a big part of her life and this film will show everyone how no matter what you believe that God has blessed with Angels that can shape our lives in ways never imagined.

This is a film about a woman who reconnects to her long lost love. As they reconnect her faith is tested at every corner by small events and situations that happen. Finally she must come to grips with telling her love about a secret she has kept from him his entire life, and prays that there love can survive the storm thats coming, even if one of them might not. If you are looking for a film that will show Faith and love in a different light, while lifting your spirits of hope in people. Till My Last Breath is that film.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Till My Last Breath - Christian Movie

  • Angel Defreitas – Robert Summers
  • Lucky Mangione – Rich Tavares
  • Kim Snider – Moa Summers
  • Lynda Ruiz – Lynda Whoo
  • Sydnie Chance – Lita Reedus
  • Bryant Mowery – Pastor Elijah Mowery
  • Madison McCorkle – Lucy Mowery
  • Erik Cunningham – Alex Logan
  • Sonia Pape – Grace Rose
  • Chris Matheny – Oliver Wayne
  • Holly Murphy – Trisha Depp
  • Derek Miller – Michael Pires
  • Rick Raw – Chris King
  • Kizzy Brown – Kim Brown
  • Tina Borgstorm – Joesphine Leia
  • Gregory Stout – Doctor Tardis
  • Cody Williams – Dalton Swayze
  • Caibel Haight – DJ Caibel
  • Mike Madric – Mikel Tapia
Contact Person: Angel Defreitas
Phone: 954-614-6854
Email: Email Contact

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