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Time Changer

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Rating: 4.3/5 (3 votes cast)

CFDb Review!

An excellent film for those who are serious about following God and seeing how something seemingly innocent can affect future generations…and indeed, HAS affected us today! Humorous yet serious! This movie compels you to evaluate your own life!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review & CFDb Blog about the Power of Film.

Film Synopsis:

Time Changer – A time-travel adventure for the whole family! The year is 1890, Bible Professor Russell Carlisle (D.David Morin) has written a new manuscript, “The Changing Times”. His book is about to receive a unanimous endorsement from the board members of the Grace Bible Seminary… until Dr. Norris Anderson (Gavin MacLeod) raises an issue over a “difficulty” he has with something Carlisle has written.

Dr. Anderson believes what Carlisle has written could seriously affect the future of coming generations. Using a secret time machine, Anderson sends Carlisle more than 100 years into the future; offering him a glimpse of where his writing will lead.

Indy Christian Review: by Zack Lawrence

Time Changer 1

  • D. David Morin … Russell Carlisle
  • Gavin MacLeod … Norris Anderson
  • Hal Linden … The Dean
  • Jennifer O’Neill … Michelle Bain
  • Paul Rodriguez … Eddie Martinez
  • Richard Riehle … Dr. Wiseman
  • John Valdetero … Tom Sharp
  • Dan Campbell … Rex
  • Evan Ellingson … Roger
  • Crystal Robbins … Mrs. Matthews
  • Patty MacLeod … Norris’ Wife
  • Paul Napier … Dr. Butler
  • Charles Hutchins … Dr. Henry
  • Callan White … Carlisle’s Wife
  • Ross McKerras … Pawn Shop Guy
  • Michael Gier – Group Leader
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Time Changer, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Sam Vijay Kumar says
    05 November 12, 2:15am

    One of the best christian movies I have seen. Many a time we become so complascent and our convictions get diluted in the present world view. This film clearly depicts where our ideals were and where they are now. A great watch. A great family as well as a personal movie. I recommend this strongly to everyone.

  2. Annelie says
    05 November 12, 6:09am

    I agree with you – this movie has a LOT of critics but I truly believe the overall message. A movie with great morals and NO God, still leaves people lost. Our morals come from God and people need to realize that.


  3. Tom says
    16 December 12, 1:05pm

    Another great Rich Christiano film with another great gospel message.

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