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Time To Run

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CFDb Review:

‘Time to Run’ is a Billy Graham Classic, strong evangelistic film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Description:

Time To Run – Originally seen by more than 6 million people in theaters, Time to Run is the powerful coming-of-age story of Jeff Cole (Randall Carver, There Will Be Blood, Taxi), a student environmentalist who shames the legacy of his father (Ed Nelson, Runaway Jury, Peyton Place).

Jeff abandons everyone who loves him, including his girlfriend Michelle (featuring Barbara Sigel in a Golden Globe-nominated performance). On the run from his family, the authorities, and–most of all–God, Jeff finally confronts the deep hole in his life that only one thing can fill.

  • Ed Nelson … Warren
  • Randy Bullock … Street Preacher
  • Billy Graham … Himself
  • Barbara Sigel – Michelle
  • Randy Stonehill … Singer on the Hill
  • Billy Zoom … Guitarist
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Time To Run, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Chris A says
    18 July 14, 7:01am

    That’s what happens when people try to get ‘real’ (read: wrapped in flavor-of-the-week fashions, slang, and then-popular movie references) with presenting the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ with a target audience of a certain youthful subculture (which is now long gone and embarrassingly dated). Still, it’s no more dated than “Superfly” which came out the same year (though that one glorified the Harlem drug culture, and was anything but Christian).

    Yes, because of Randy Stonehill and some of the hippie Christians featured in “Time to Run” this film is actually an effective time capsule of sorts. Some contemporary Christian parents may (rightly) brace themselves when they see the lead actress walking about in short cut-off jeans and a belly shirt, walking hand in hand with her unsaved boyfriend as she attempts to evangelise him. It culminates in a rally meeting wherein Billy Graham personally presented a powerful Gospel message (free of any ecumenical subtexts—in the film, at least), and the screenplay was written by Dave Hunt (yes, THAT Dave Hunt of “The Berean Call’ fame).

  2. Sidelle says
    30 January 15, 10:48pm

    This Movie Really Affected me as a kid. I just got my drivers license & cried & went home & took my cousins to see it too. Wish I could see it again. Haven’t seen it since it came out in the 70’s
    Bought the album & still have it somewhere. Fantastic Songs

  3. Annelie says
    01 February 15, 11:07am
  4. Fejara says
    06 September 15, 5:36am

    Watched this movie when I just became a christian in the Netherlands (1974) And LOVED it as a 15 year old teenager, at the time. Fourty years later I still enjoy the great music and have it on cd and mp3.

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