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To End All Wars

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CFDb Review!

This is the ultimate Christian film. They are making a more family friendly version without bad language in it soon. This is a MUST SEE! Not recommended for children, should be watched with a filter for now but really, this was one of the most powerful Christian films I’ve ever seen.

Film Synopsis:

Upon arriving at the camp the POWs are forced by the Japanese to build a railroad through treacherous jungle wilderness. Escape is their first priority, but when their commanding officer, Colonel McLean, is ruthlessly killed by the Japanese Head Guard, the men are left to themselves without a leader.

Major Campbell, the Colonel’s second in command, rises to the challenge and starts planning a suicidal takeover of the camp by the prisoners. His greatest obstacle is loss of morale caused by slave labor, starvation, disease and brutal beatings.

Led by the example of British POW Dusty Miller, Ernest decides to start a college of liberal arts and a “church without walls” within the camp. The prisoners begin to regain their dignity and hope, but they are also encouraged to forgive their enemies and sacrifice themselves for their fellow POWs.

Soon Gordon and his school are in conflict with Campbell’s planned coup d’etat. The rival values lead to split loyalties within the camp, and reveal that amidst so much physical suffering, the most treacherous war is the one fought within.

(Parental Warning: Some Strong Language!)

We Recommend Only watching this with a Filter!)

The Special “Director’s Cut” version has taken out the bad language, it is not out on DVD yet, but the Netflix Streaming is the Director’s Cut version, so we recommend watching this one over the DVD edition!

The “Director’s Cut” removes the most objectionable language that was a barrier for many people of faith during the film’s initial release in 2001. It also adds powerful new scenes. The film still carries an R rating for wartime violence.

On Amazon Instant Video

“Director’s Cut” Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Watch the Film Trailer

  • Ciarán McMenamin ~~~ Capt. Ernest ‘Ernie’ Gordon
  • Robert Carlyle ~~~ Maj. Ian Campbell
  • Kiefer Sutherland ~~~ Lt. Jim ‘Yankee’ Reardon
  • Mark Strong ~~~ Dusty Miller
  • Yugo Saso ~~~ Takashi Nagase
  • Sakae Kimura ~~~ Sgt. Ito
  • James Cosmo ~~~ Lt. Col. Stuart McLean
  • Masayuki Yui ~~~ Capt. Noguchi
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To End All Wars, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. crossguide says
    12 July 11, 3:55pm

    one of the best christian films i’ve seen. must see for everyone. i recommend it.

  2. CFDb says
    24 August 12, 9:21am

    If you have not seen this film, it is a must see for adults, the “Director’s Cut” version is on Netflix streaming now, soon to be on DVD.

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