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Touched By An Angel: The Series!

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CFDb Review:

This is a series that brings out that God loves us!  See how this series impacted my life!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

The inspirational CBS television drama TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL stars Della Reese, Roma Downey, and John Dye as a trio of celestial beings sent to earth by God to aid people in distress. Disguising themselves as mere mortals, guardian angels Tess (Reese), Monica (Downey), and Andrew (Dye) maneuver themselves into the lives of their human wards and attempt to revive feelings of faith, hope, and wonder.

Release Date: (The Complete Series) DVD February 9, 2016

Touched by an Angel: The Complete Series on DVD

Touched by an Angel

Touched By An Angel: The Series!

  • Roma Downey … Monica
  • Della Reese … Tess
  • Alexis Cruz … Rafael
  • Paul Winfield … Sam, an archangel
  • Charles Rocket … Adam, an Angel of Death
  • Randy Travis … Wayne Machulis
  • Cloris Leachman … Ruth
  • John Dye … Andrew
  • Valerie Bertinelli … Gloria
  • Bill Cosby … Phil, the Angel of Reconciliation
  • Jasmine Guy … Kathleen
  • John Schneider / Todd Rulapaugh / Thomas Dekker / Mandy Patinkin / David Ogden Stiers … Satan
  • Bruce Altman … Henry, anoher Angel of Death
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Touched By An Angel: The Series!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. moira & Hilda-cat Watson says
    05 July 16, 6:50pm

    I love Touch By An Angel. Living with life long depression etc I looked forward to watching an episode in the morning to set my heart & spirit in the right place to cope with the day. I will miss these times, but have begun to gather the series box collections.
    Thank you to all who brought us Touched By An Angel to us. I know actual angels walk amongst us, may God help us all in these troubled days.

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