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Touched By Grace

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CFDb Review:

What a touching film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review

Film Synopsis:

“The Senior Prank” is family drama about a group of popular teenagers who wage a fake campaign to elect a girl with Down syndrome as the school’s Homecoming queen. It is inspired by real bullying events that the teenagers in our community have witnessed happening in their local high schools.

Cara Jarvis longs to be a part of the in-crowd at her new high school. In an effort to impress town hottie Brandon, she befriends Grace, a girl with Down syndrome, a friendship she tries to hide when she meets popular girls Skylar and Quinn. When Skylar loses her bid to be on the Homecoming Court, she sets it up for Grace to win Homecoming Queen … as the Senior Prank. Grace wins, is publicly humiliated, and Skylar rigs it so that Cara takes the blame. Cara must win back Brandon, restore her friendship with Grace, and save her reputation at her school.

Former Title ‘The Senior Prank’

Showing in the UK in November, 2014.

Indy Christian Film Review: by Zack Lawrence

Touched by Grace, Christian Movie Film DVD

The Senior Prank - Christian Movie, Christian Film Ben Davies

The Senior Prank2

  • Ben Davies … Brandon
  • Stacey Bradshaw … Cara
  • Amber House … Grace
  • Sara Cicilian … Quinn
  • Kera O’Bryon … Sharon Jarvis
  • Blakely Bunnell … Skyler Harris
  • John Franklin Stephens … Ben
  • Suzanne R. Neff … Mrs. Young
  • Carys Meyer … Karly
  • Carson Cash … Brad
  • Caroline Campbell … Amanda
  • Patrick Hussion … Jim Jarvis
  • Josh Murray … Pastor Mark
  • Jade Voight … Madison
  • Nancy Fondriest … Nancy Harris
Company: StoneTable Films
Contact Person: Donald Leow
Phone: 703-337-8742
Email: Email Contact
Touched By Grace, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Sharina says
    28 July 13, 1:49pm

    Absolutely phenomenal… extremely well written and credit where it’s due to the whole cast… not only does it convey the anti bullying message but also some up the Bible perfectly in the scene where Grace is in hospital and she says to Cara “Jesus die for my sins so I forgive you for yours” (or words to that effect) Truly inspiring as a Christian it really touched my heart so much so I was blubbering like a baby! Well done. 🙂 Sharina

  2. Bob Valleau says
    04 December 13, 12:48pm

    Excellent film with a powerful message!

    To read an interview article with Stacey Bradshaw, go here:

  3. 18 June 14, 8:35am

    Just watched the trailer. Looking forward to watching the whole movie. Looks great!

  4. Tiara West says
    07 December 14, 9:20pm

    I can connect to this true story because I have Down syndrome. Some people think they can hurt their feelings by making fun of them by the outside of who we are on the inside. God loves us know matter what. And he puts joy in our hearts. And I am a believer of God. And I go to a church in Greeley Colorado. It is called Christ Community Church!
    I would like to pray for people who as down syndrome like me.
    And the illnesses with down syndrome and for that as well!

  5. Annelie says
    08 December 14, 10:06am

    Hi Tiara – we are so glad that you left a comment here. I’m sure there are a lot of others that feel the same way as you do. We are in Colorado too but about 2 hours away from you in Woodland Park. Nice to meet you neighbor.


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